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Unhealthy Fruits

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Paleo Vegetables

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How many times have you heard it; eat your fruits and vegetables?   This is because the one thing that most nutritional experts seem to agree on is that fresh fruits and vegetables are a good for your health.  Although I would mostly agree with this assessment, today I want to show you a slightly different twist to something you thought you knew to be gospel truth.

When we hear experts (whether from the media or medicine) talk about fruits and vegetables, they almost always mentioned as though they were a single entity (Fruit&Vegetables).  They are not, and depending on what your health-related goals are, cannot necessarily be treated as such.   It’s true that whole fruits are high in the GOOD KIND OF FIBER, ANTIOXIDANTS, as well as certain VITAMINS & MINERALS (not to mention phytonutrients).  It’s also true that the peer-reviewed literature on the subject is replete with studies showing that consuming whole fruits is beneficial to your health.   Bottom line; in most cases, there are ample reasons to, at least with some degree of moderation, consume fruit.  Allow me, however, to give you a few “for instance” situations when avoiding fruit would be prudent.

In almost any case of DYSBIOSIS, you should avoid fruit.  For instance, SIBO or CANDIDA OVERGROWTHS both feed on higher glycemic index carbohydrates and SUGAR, including fructose (fruit sugar)   On top of this, any number of neurological problems (EPILEPSY being the most well known of the lot) have been shown to respond to a KETOGENIC DIET in a manner that can often times only be described as life-changing. 

Another reason you might want to either avoid fruit, or at least cut way back on certain fruits, would be WEIGHT LOSS.  For instance, I absolutely love bananas and could eat several (or more) a day.  However, I have figured out that because of their high position on the GLYCEMIC INDEX, it doesn’t take long for for me to gain some serious weight — right around THE MID-SECTION if I am not extra careful with them. 

Because solving serious weight issues is greatly related to properly controlling blood sugar (HERE), those of you struggling with your weight will probably need to cut back on (or cut out) the fruit.  I have seen any number of people who use fruit (or even worse, fruit juice) to play the “SUBSTITUTION GAME“.  And on top of all this, I routinely see people who are excited about the fact that they gave up soda and junk, unwittingly using fruit to feed their SUGAR / CARB ADDICTION.  These are the people who, when someone says “fruits and vegetables,” only hear “fruits“. 

If you feel you have done everything right and are finding it impossible to lose weight or solve other chronic issues (even though you are eating a strict PALEO-LIKE DIET), there are undoubtedly other issues in play (probably GUT or ENDOCRINE).  As a side note to all of this, there are people out there that actually have issues not only with fruits, but with vegetables (HERE).  The great thing is that most of you can enjoy moderate amounts of fruit and unlimited vegetables without any worries.

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