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Increaseing Metabolism

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People make about a jillion mistakes while trying to lose weight.  One of the costliest is that they do not take advantage of their entire day.  I have previously written about the importance of eating a high protein breakfast (HERE) and not erroneously “SUBSTITUTING” bad foods for other bad foods.  But there are other things you could be doing as well  If you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape, you need to get things cranking first thing in the morning.   Here is how I would suggest starting your day if you are truly interested in weight loss.

  • DRINK A BIG GLASS OF WATER:  To a large degree, your level of hydration is going to control (or at least affect) you energy levels and metabolism, or lack thereof.  This is easy.  Do it.


  • WORK OUT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING:  Whether this is walking, biking, swimming, or resistance training, if you do it first thing, it boosts your metabolism and energy levels all day long.  Waiting to exercise until the evening can hype you up and make it tougher to get to sleep.  Yes; it takes discipline.  A quality life is a disciplined life. 


  • LIFT WEIGHTS:  Although I would rather see people doing some form of exercise rather than no exercise, I hate to see people wasting time and energy on things that are not optimally effective.  If you want to understand this better, take a few minutes and read my CARDIO TRAINING -vs- STRENGTH TRAINING posts.  The truth is, if you are not doing some form of Resistance Training in your exercise routine, you are shooting yourself in the foot as far as weight loss is concerned.  The cool thing is that with a just a li bit of equipment (light dumbells, a kettlebell or two, a doorway mounted chinup bar, and an exercise ball), or even no equipment at all, you can do a complete full body workout in 30 minutes or less.


  • EAT A BREAKFAST LOADED WITH HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN:  For those of you WHO CHOOSE TO EAT BREAKFAST, this is a big deal.  If you will start your day by avoiding the traditional breakfast foods (tons of carbs) and CONTROLLING YOUR BLOOD SUGAR, you will lap the field. Eat your breakfast immediately after working out.  By not waiting until later in the morning (break time), you will seriously ratchet up your body’s “thermogenic” powers (ability to burn fat for energy).  And if you want to take it a further, make sure you get a small amount of protein in your system every two hours.

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