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gluten free garbage: most “gluten-free” foods are unhealthy


Gluten Free Foods

Having been GLUTEN FREE for a number of years, I am totally sold.  Although I never really had the ugly GI symptoms (bloating, gas, IBS, cramping, etc), that are typically associated with Gluten Sensitivity, I had my issues.  Chiefly pain.  Depending on what I did, I had pain in one of my shoulders as the result of two different SHOULDER SEPARATIONS — the latest of which occurred almost two decades ago.  Until recently, I couldn’t bench press over 135 without a significant amount of pain and the feeling that my shoulder was going to come apart again (am over 200 lbs for the first time since I was married).  And that doesn’t begin to touch my FOOT ISSUE.  After two or three severe sprains (with avulsions), I was nearly hobbled by foot pain for the better part of a decade.  As of a few years ago, I could actually go out HIKING WITH MY KIDS — and most recently I am able to hit our TRAMPOLINE hard for a half hour at a time with no foot pain whatsoever (I sometimes do SPRINTS as well).

It is my opinion that GLUTEN is the single biggest driver of occult (hidden) INFLAMMATION in the United States.  Truthfully, I believe that REFINED CARBS are a much bigger problem, but the health issues related to “DIETARY CRACK” are more overt and out in the open (OBESITY, HYPERTENSION, METABOLIC SYNDROME, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, DIABETES, HYPOGLYCEMIA, ALZHEIMER’S, etc, etc, etc).   With the big-time history of PARKINSON’S that runs in my family (yes, it’s related to Gluten), the “NEUROLOGICAL SIDE” of Gluten Sensitivity made me stop and rethink some things about grains that I had always assumed to be true (HERE).  Am I ever glad that I did.

After being seriously snowed in with record lows, I took my wife out for an afternoon on the town earlier this week.  We went out to eat and then went grocery shopping (hey, that’s what you do when you have four kids between the ages of 11 and 17).  We went to a brand new store that’s part of a nationwide chain, and as I walked down the isle, I couldn’t help but noticing how many different “Gluten Free” products there were.   The other thing that caught my eye as I began looking at the labels of these various products was how utterly crappy these foods were.  Sorry, but “Gluten Free” breakfast cereal made largely with refined flours is still mostly refined flours — whether it’s Gluten Free or not. 

There were Gluten Free crackers, Gluten Free cookies, Gluten Free cakes, Gluten Free pastries, Gluten Free granola bars, etc, etc, etc.  Then there were the products that obviously would not contain Gluten, but were boldly touted as being “Gluten Free”.  These reminded me of the marketing tricks used by Vess Soda that was (and maybe still is) made in St. Louis.  Back in the day, all of their soda cans proudly proclaimed that their soda was, “Fat Free” / “Cholesterol Free”.  As I began looking at these Gluten Free products, I noticed that most of them had all sorts of different kinds of refined flours in them, tons of SUGAR, MSG (in all its various forms), any number of GLUTEN CROSS-REACTORS, as well as most of the same chemicals, additives, and preservatives, found in their Gluten-containing siblings.

My suggestion to you — particularly if you are dealing with Chronic Pain or Chronic Health Problems — is to stay away from these types of foods regardless of how healthy the label makes them appear.  After all, processed food is still processed food.  If you really want to see what going Gluten Free might be able to do for you, do it right and try a 30 day ELIMINATION DIET.  As far as what to eat if you are going Gluten Free, make sure you first take a look at my post called “GLUTEN MYTHS“.  I would also suggest you follow Functional Neurologist, David Seaman’s simple dietary advice (HERE).  His recommended way of eating is essentially PALEO.  If you are interested in knowing why the Paleo Diet is so beneficial for people with Chronic Health Problems or CHRONIC PAIN, look no further than THIS POST.


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