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gluten free survey


Gluten Sensitivity Survey

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Wheat has been called the Staff of Life.  But for MANY DIFFERENT REASONS, it is closer to ‘death‘ for a growing segment of today’s society.  This is because an alarming number of people have various degrees of sensitivity to GLUTEN — wheat protein.  Last week, MedPage Today — a website devoted to current medical research —- ran a survey about Gluten Sensitivity.  The wanted to know if non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity was a “fad”.  A popular online dictionary defines the word fad as, “any form of behavior that develops among a large population and is collectively followed with enthusiasm for some period [usually short], generally as a result of the behavior’s being perceived as novel in some way“.

Over five thousand medical professionals responded.  Out of over 5,000 readers who responded by answering yes or no, the final totals were 54% for fad, 46% for not a fad.  I read many of the survey’s comments.  Interestingly enough, it seemed to me that a fairly vast majority of the commenters (only about 1 in 100 who took the survey actually commented), were on the side of non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity being real as opposed to being a fad.  In fact, AUTOIMMUNITY was directly mentioned by many commenters as being directly related to Gluten.  Furthermore, some of the specific diseases listed included IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME, CROHN’S DISEASE, Lupus, HYPOTHYROIDISM, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, LEAKY GUT SYNDROME / INCREASED INTESTINAL PERMEABILITY, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, and many others.

Unfortunately, the results of this survey shows us that a large percentage of the medical population still sees Gluten Sensitivity as a fad (the same as a myth).  This means that if you actually get tested for Celiac Disease — and test negative —- in their minds, Gluten cannot be the culprit.  Millions of Americans know otherwise.  The truth is, Gluten is being associated in the peer-reviewed literature with almost every health problem you can imagine — particularly NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEMS.  If you are chronically ill and / or suffering from any number of CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DEGENERATIVE DISEASES, you seriously need to take a few minutes and look at the links on THIS PAGE.


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