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headaches and neck pain


Headaches Neck Pain

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Headaches and neck pain are reported to be among the most prevalent musculoskeletal complaints in the general population. A significant body of research has reported a high prevalence of headaches and neck pain among adolescents.  From a study done by the Physiotherapy Division of Stellenbosch University, Tygerberg, South Africa.  Published in the February 2009 issue of the medical journal Cephalgia.

Close to 65% of Americans ages 18 to 34 have experienced chronic pain or someone they care for has experienced chronic pain during the past year.  Neck pain is the number three cause of chronic pain; more than a quarter of Americans report being affected from pain in this area of their body.   The website of the American Osteopathic Association.

Did you catch the first sentence of the top quote above?  Headaches and neck pain are reported to be among the most prevalent musculoskeletal complaints in the general population“.    Even though the AOA says that more than a quarter of all Americans suffer with CHRONIC NECK PAIN, according to an April 2012 Gallup Poll, that number is approximately 33%.  Any way you slice it, that is an insane number of people — tens of millions — that are regularly dealing with chronic pain that’s directly related to their neck. Throw in the statistics from the American Headache Foundation concerning MIGRAINES (Over 45 million Americans get chronic, recurring headaches.  This is more than the 33 million sufferers of asthma, diabetes and coronary heart disease combined.  29.5 million suffer from migraines annually.“), and you can see that this problem could legitimately be called an epidemic.  Now, listen to what the AHF says about these chronic headaches and their relationship to neck pain…..
Approximately 78 percent of all headaches are classified as tension-type headache.  The pain is typically generalized all over the head.  There appears to be a slightly higher incidence of this type of headache among women.  There are two types of tension-type headache: those that occur on an episodic basis and those that occur daily or almost daily.   If chronic, this type of headache should be promptly treated to avoid developing an addiction to pain relieving drugs.  The daily headache is often accompanied by depression, or other emotional problems, and sleep disturbances.
What does this paragraph tell me?  It says that nearly 4 out of 5 sufferers of HEADACHES have what are labeled as “TENSION HEADACHES“.  Although they characterize this pain as “generalized“, these people’s pain tends to follow a distinct pattern.  A Tension Headache will usually start in the area where the skull meets the neck (where all the muscles attach — HERE), and as it gets worse, it travels over the head to end up in the area around the temple, forehead, and eyes.  Furthermore, if it is not effectively dealt with, people get addicted to the DANGEROUS DRUGS they’re given to relieve the pain.  Whatever happened to treatment that is both effective and cost-effective?

What is the difference between what I do in my clinic and what others are doing in theirs?  Just watch a few of our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS on neck pain and chronic headaches to find out — especially THESE FEW.  The thing that you’ll notice after watching just a few of these is that many of our patients have had their pain for years —- or not uncommonly, EVEN DECADES — and tried just about everything there is to try, including lots and lots of CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS, before coming here.  Don’t get me wrong, adjustments can be an extremely effective weapon against all sorts of headaches —- as long as there is no SCAR TISSUE present. However, if a person has FASCIAL ADHESIONS or FIBROTIC TISSUE of any kind, all bets are off as to how effective an adjustment will be or how long it will last (HERE). 

Like I tell all my patients with chronic neck pain and headaches; try one treatment and see if it makes a difference.  One treatment is either going to make a huge difference for you, or it will do nothing at all.  One treatment and you’ll know.  Who else makes this kind of claim other than the ELDER STECCO?   Call Cheryl at (417) 934-6337 to make an appointment today.  You’ve got nothing to lose but the pain!  If you are one of those people who was cursed with Migraine Headaches, make sure to read THIS very short post.  And for those of you whose headaches are tangled up with one or more chronic illness, be sure to read THIS POST.


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