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failed back surgery syndrome


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Most people I meet do not want SPINAL SURGERY.  They realize that the majority of the people they know who have been through it, are not better.  In fact, many are worse.  I often get emails from patients who have been through failed spinal surgeries, and are desperately searching any sort of answer.  Let me give you one such email that I received just the other day.

Hi there!

I’ve been scouring the internet for a long time looking for any kind of help I can get for my husband and love of my life. We live in the UK, so setting up a consultation in your office is not going to be possible, but I was wondering if you could give me some advice?  Here’s a bit about his medical history.

He broke his back when he was 17 (he is now in his 40’s). He has had four spinal surgeries which have left him in constant agony. He is at the point where he wants to end his life as he cannot live like this anymore. I am doing everything in my power to try and find help for him!

  •  Surgery one – Spinal fusion – Failed
  • Surgery two – Spinal fusion with steffi plates and bolts – Failed
  • Surgery three – removal of plates and bolts and another fusion – Failed
  • Surgery four – 2008, they removed part of his spine and replaced it with a steel cage – Failed

Now the doctors wont do anything except give him tablets and new pain medication. His surgeon is refusing any more surgeries.

His back is deteriorating and he is physically changing shape (he says it feels like his spine is splitting apart and the weight of the top half of his body is pushing out his stomach and feels like the spine is moving forward. He also feels that his pelvis is shifting and tilting forward). After all his latest MRI’s and x-rays, the doctors are claiming there is no change.

I love this man deeply with all my heart and he now spends 97% of his time laying on his stomach on the living room floor. Walking causes him extreme pain, and sitting is practically impossible for him.

I am at a loss! I don’t know what else to do and I was wondering if you could, by what I’ve told you, let me know if you think any of your treatments would work for him? I would be willing to sell my house to get us over to America. Or even if you could recommend any similar therapists in the UK.  I’m just at a loss as to what else I can do to help him!

Eagerly awaiting your reply, and thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

This stuff is tough.  Between the MEDS and the CHRONIC PAIN, life is essentially lived in a haze. Although it may not have anything to do with anything, the very first thing I would do is start addressing any SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION that might be present.  HERE is a post for people with generic (mechanical) back pain.  Some of this might apply to you, much of it will not.  I am sending some information on Spinal Decompression Therapy as well.  Would love to do more.


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