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heart attack or subluxation


Sean came to see me out of pain and sheer frustration.  He had recently gone through thousands upon thousands of dollars of tests for acute heart problems, two weeks in severe pain, and much lost sleep.  All it got him was more questions; wondering what in the world was wrong with him (no one could find anything on his tests), as well as how he was going to find someone who could resolve this “mysterious” problem.  Fortunately for Sean, he has numerous family members who told him to come see us.  An X-ray showed that not only was his neck out of place, it was starting to show signs of wear —- which correlated directly with the fact that he had really poor Range of Motion there. 

One week ago, I broke Scar Tissue and made some specific adjustments to his cervical and thoracic spine.  I saw him today, and not only was his ROM essentially normal, he had not had even the hint of the pain that brought him in here in the first place!
WARNING:  Do not —- I repeat; Do not come see me if you think you may be having a heart attack!  On the other hand, I can tell you that over the course of twenty years of practice, I have seen this exact scenario play out dozens upon dozens of times.  To read more about the way that SUBLUXATIONS of the spine can mimic (or even cause) all sorts of other health problems (including heart problems), please visit HERE.


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