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Ozarks Pain Relief

Here are some Video Testimonials of people I have treated last week for a ROTATOR CUFF (shoulder) injury, CHRONIC NECK PAIN, and a HERNIATED LUMBAR DISC.

Loren is our local grade school principal.  Listen to his testimonial about Chronic low grade Neck Pain that he dealt with for the better part of a year.

When I moved here twenty years ago, I played on the same softball team as Tommy Taylor (TNT, we called him).  Neither one of us plays ball any more, but listen as Tom shares how our Tissue Remodeling Treatment fixed his chronically injured Rotator Cuffs (bilateral) and gave him the ability to move his shoulders again.

Dusty is seriously one of the politest, nicest, and hardest working young men I know.  I first met him after he had spent the previous three years dealing with what was being called a Herniated Disc.  After several MRI’s, CT scans, tests, specialists galore, and more therapy visits than you can imagine, his parents decided to do something different.  They made the hour plus trip from Hartville — and thank goodness they did.  Thanks for the cool testimonial Dusty!

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