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Chronic Pain

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There are people in this world struggling to cope with Chronic Pain —- a lot of struggling people —- a lot of pain.  Thanks to word-of-mouth and the internet, these people are coming to tiny Mountain View, Missouri from all over the world  for a WIDE VARIETY of health-related problems. 

What can I say?  People are left exhausted and broke by the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND.  They want nothing more to do with tests, more tests, even more tests, and lots of drugs that attempt to mask the symptoms without dealing with the underlying cause.  Treatments such as PAIN MEDS, BOTOX, CORTICOSTEROID INJECTIONS, etc, etc, etc, are never a good long-term option.   When these methods fail, you will ultimately be recommended for surgery — many of which FAIL.  I get it.  Some of you need surgery (HERE is one such example).  However, it is important to understand that once you have that surgery, you cannot un-have it.  Doesn’t it make sense to try the least expensive, least invasive options first?

For those of you struggling with CHRONIC PAIN related to FASCIAL ADHESIONS, there is another option that might be right for you — SCAR TISSUE REMODELINGI basically tell everyone the same thing.  In one — maybe two — treatments, you’ll know if Scar Tissue Remodeling is the solution for you.  If it is going to work, you’ll know quickly.  Likewise, if I can’t help you, we’ll both know quickly as well.  What more can you ask for?  You have already tried the medical options.  No doubt you’ve probably been through that route of REPEATED CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS also.  If either had worked, you would not be considering coming to Mountain View, Missouri to find relief from your Chronic Pain.

The chief drawback in my approach to helping those of you whose lives have been marred by pain, is that I cannot treat you every day.  Because the treatment can be fairly intense for those of you dealing with long term NECK PAIN, PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME, HEADACHES, SHOULDER PROBLEMS, MYSTERY PAIN, or whatever else you may be coming for, I can only treat you once a week — or twice a week at the most.  This may mean that you’ll need to spend some time in one of our area’s MOTELS.   This is particularly true if you are coming in from a foreign country or very distant state.  Otherwise you can do what many people do. 

Take Jill for example, who came to see us a couple of weeks ago for Chronic Neck Pain (TESTIMONIAL VIDEO HERE).  She and her husband drove from Minnesota on a Sunday.  I spent 2.5 hours with her early Monday morning, and they were on the road back to MN before 9:00 am.  This is a very common scenario, whether people fly or drive.  My goal is always to provide the maximum amount of correction for your problem, in the minimum amount of time.

If you have more questions, please see our TISSUE REMODELING FAQ PAGE.  Or you can call Cheryl at (417) 934-6337.


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