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eat dirt


Eat Dirt

Marcus Quigmire

Individuals with reduced gut microbial gene richness present more pronounced metabolic dysfunction and low-grade inflammation….  People who have less diversity in their intestinal microbiomes tend to be heavier and have more inflammation and metabolic dysfunction than those who have a more robust portfolio of gut bacteria.     Kristina Fiore of MedPage Today (Aug 29, 2013), commenting on a new study on the importance of the numbers and types of bacteria in your Gut.
Stop and re-read the above statement again.  Did you understand it?  If not, read it one more time.  This is critical information to your health and the health of your family.  The fewer the number of strains of bacteria in your intestines, the more Inflammation and Metabolic Dysfunctions you will have.  This is a big deal because INFLAMMATION is the driving force behind all sickness and disease.  And as for “metabolic dysfunctions“, this could mean just about anything —- including an inability to get to and maintain a healthy weight. 

Researchers from the University of Denmark in Copenhagen, published a study in the latest issue of the prestigious scientific journal Nature, saying that beyond Inflammation, which can itself cause a massive array of health problems, poor gut flora (i.e. poor numbers and the wrong kinds of bacteria in your body), are specifically tied to……

  • INSULIN RESISTANCE:  Your body requires a very regulated and specific range of blood sugar in order for you to maintain your health and well being.  Insulin is the hormone that takes the sugar from your blood and moves it into the cells where it will either be burned for energy or stored — mostly as fat.  This is why INSULIN RESISTANCE / DIABETES is almost always related to…….


  • OBESITY:  Despite the fact that the average person has not heard about it, there has actually been a great deal of recent research on the relationship between GUT HEALTH AND OBESITY. Let’s move another step forward.  What always seems to go hand in hand with these twin tigers of Insulin Resistance and Obesity………?


  • POOR LIPID PROFILES:   “Poor Lipid Profiles” simply means that a person’s CHOLESTEROL levels and Triglycerides are out of whack.

The same issue of Nature published a different study that took things to the next level.  Researchers from the National Institute of Agronomy Research in France showed how a high protein diet that was low in both fat and processed carbs turned the table on bacterial diversity in the Gut.  The study’s authors concluded that, “support a recently reported link between long-term dietary habits and the structure of gut microbiota and suggest that a permanent change of microbiota may be achieved by appropriate diet.

This is what a PALEO DIET is all about; getting sufficient amounts of lean protein, while cutting out bad fats (particularly TRANS FATS), while cutting processed carbs and sugars to negligible levels.   We already know that SUGAR feeds both CANCER and infections.  It should come as no surprise that a high sugar / high starch diet feeds DYSBIOSIS as well.  This is just one of the many reasons I recommend that people have a garden (organic is critical).

Good (organic) soil should have a very similar bacterial makeup to what you would find in a healthy Gut.  When you get out in the garden, you will invariably get dirt in your mouth whether you try to or not.  Yes, taking a good SOIL-BASED PROBIOTIC is an important step in the right direction, but organic gardening kills two birds with one stone.  You get your vegetables and your dirt (bacteria) in one fell swoop.  And in case you were wondering, it is not too late to plant your fall garden.


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