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how to solve the pain and restriction from chronic problems


Chronic Pain Solutions

Chiropractors are an interesting lot.  They typically spend a lot of time talking about “maintenance,” yet all too frequently, don’t seem to understand what this term really means (HERE).  What it doesn’t mean is lots and lots of visits simply because ENDLESS ADJUSTMENTS are the only thing that seems to help you.  The problem is, the adjustments (or THERAPY for that matter) never seem to last very long, and the problem always returns in the exact same way.  If you want to get off the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND and get out of pain, pay attention.  Here is a quick threebie for you — particularly those of you struggling with CHRONIC NECK PAIN and / or HEADACHES.

  • SOLVE THE INFLAMMATION:  Let me start by saying that inflammation is a vital and necessary part of any healing process (HERE).  Unfortunately, Inflammation (aka “itis”) always (that’s “always” as in always) leads to Scar Tissue (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE). Thus, if you can’t at least diminish the amount of CHRONIC SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION coursing through your body (hopefully without drugs like THESE or THESE), fixing your problem is much more likely to be a non-starter.  Although a PALEO DIET is the first step in the process, depending on what is driving the inflammation in your body and how severe your problems are, you might need to GO A STEP OR TWO FURTHER.
  • INITIATE FIBROBLASTIC ACTIVITY:  Fibroblasts are the cells that manufacture the collagen that becomes new soft tissues (BONES, MUSCLES, LIGAMENTS, TENDONS, FASCIA). Although you can accomplish this on some level with certain types of exercises or stretches; in order to stimulate Fibroblastic activity, your mode of treatment might need to have some “BITE” to it.  To learn more about the importance of Fibroblasts, take a look at THIS and THIS. Just be aware that initiating Fibroblastic activity is like playing the HIGH STRIKER CARNIVAL GAME — you are either ringing the bell or you aren’t.  There is no middle ground.
  • CAUSE TISSUE DEFORMATION:  This last point strikes directly at the heart of what I discussed in the opening paragraph.  Contrary to WHAT SOME MIGHT SUGGEST,  numerous people with hardcore serious problems are not going to solve their pain and restriction by getting adjusted over and over and over again — particularly if their problem’s foundation is the SCAR TISSUE that the medical community commonly refers to as “FIBROSIS“.  You are going to have to do some stretching.  The problem is that in order to cause restricted connective tissue to elongate (“TISSUE DEFORMATION“), you are going to have to hold stretches longer than you ever thought — way longer.  To understand what I am talking about, follow the link.

Don’t get me wrong; there are other reasons people have CHRONIC PAIN and dysfunction (HERE’S AN ALL TOO COMMON ONE).  However, for people who not only have pain, but a significant amount of joint restriction, this post will provide a good starting point.  And here’s the kicker — you’ve already tried EVERYTHING ELSE.   Hey; if covering symptoms with DANGEROUS DRUGS actually worked, you wouldn’t be reading this post at 3:00 am.  The only way to actually “SOLVE” health issues is to get to the root cause — something our medical community has not proved very adept at in many cases.


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