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immune system suppression:  america’s number one medical therapy


Immune System

Johannes Jansson/norden.org

What if I let you in on another of our nation’s dirty little medical secrets?   How shocked would you be to learn that a huge amount of the drug therapy in this country revolves not around strengthening the Immune System, but around suppressing it instead?   Reread that last sentence and let the absurdity of it soak in.  In an age when people talk about all the things they can do to “boost” their Immune System function, some of our top drug therapies involve shutting it down.  Believe me when I tell you this list is not complete.

  • ANTIBIOTICS:  ANTIBIOTICS do absolutely nothing to boost your Immune System, and in fact are probably one of the single worst things you can do for your overall health (among other things, they cause Cancer — HERE).  Once you realize that 80% OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM is made up of the good bacteria living in your digestive tract, you can begin to understand how this class of drug destroys GUT HEALTH, which destroys your overall health.
  • DRUGS IN GENERAL:  Unfortunately, Antibiotics are not the only drug that destroy Gut Health.  MOST DRUGS have Antibiotic-like properties that to various extents, accomplish the same thing. 
  • NSAIDS:  Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are a huge destroyer of the Immune System as well.   This is a two-fold problem.  Not only is this class class of drug the number one reason for GI Bleeds, but they attack one of the chief ways your Immune System fights sickness and disease —- INFLAMMATION.   Attacking Inflammation sounds well and good until you realize that “Inflammation” is the collective name given to several dozen chemicals made by —- yep; your Immune System (HERE).   This is why NSAIDS are associated with so many serious health problems, including dramatically increasing one’s chances of developing Cancer (HERE), or even dying (HERE).
  • CORTICOSTEROIDS:  The only drugs that suppress the Immune System more strongly than Cortisone / CORTICOSTEROIDS are the “anti-rejection” drugs given to people who have undergone an organ transplant, or the TNF-Alpha blockers taken by millions with autoimmune diseases such as RA
  • PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS:  As strange as it might seem to those who don’t know better, one of your first lines of defense against all sorts of pathogenic invaders is stomach acid.  Contrary to everything you think you know, the average American does not have enough of it (HERE).
  • VACCINES:  I would never argue that on some level, vaccines prevent diseases.  However, there are lots of experts saying that if you want a powerful immune system your entire life, it must, at least on some level, be allowed to develop and mature.  According to the HYGIENE HYPOTHESIS, the ZANY NUMBER OF vaccines be foisted on us from cradle to grave is creating problems with our MICROBIOMES that are likely at least partially to blame for our nation’s explosion in autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer.  A ready example is the adjunt that is found in all vaccines — aluminum (HERE & HERE). 
  • WASTED DOCTOR VISITS:  While a “Doctor Visit” is not technically a drug (it is where drugs are prescribed), it can be typically viewed as a wasted opportunity to educate patients about the things that could potentially regulate the function of their Immune Systems.  For instance, if people simply ate a LOWER CARB or even PALEO-LIKE diet, they would dramatically diminish Inflammation naturally (HERE), and control infection naturally, simply by forgoing the sugar (HERE).  My point here is that far too many doctors have become “pushers” for Big Pharma, spending little or no time actually sharing with their patients the things they need to be doing in order to get healthy and stay that way. 

If you want to learn more about the way your immune system develops, HERE is the place to go.


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