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When Gretchen says that back in 1994 she was involved in a MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT, it’s quite possibly the understatement of the year (it was a five roll-over crash that killed the vehicle’s other occupant).  After being hospitalized with kidney and other injuries, she was released, but like so many others with SOFT TISSUE INJURIES, she struggled to get better, fighting a constant battle with pain — a battle she frequently felt like she was losing (research says 50% of all women injured in MVA’s are never the same — HERE). 

Despite going through LOTS OF THERAPY, LOTS OF CHIROPRACTIC, an array of BIG-FIVE MEDICATIONS, and specialists / procedures of all sorts (including an RFA, where some of the nerves in her spinal column were “cauterized” with a super-heated needle), she had just about given up — particularly considering the severity of another accident she was in in 2013.  Then she called and made an appointment.

Besides seeing her shortly after her original accident 24 years ago, I saw Gretchen two years ago in January for TISSUE REMODELING, and had not seen her since (I originally treated her THORACO-LUMBAR SPINE and HIP AND BUTTOCK AREA).          

She returned yesterday for treatment of her neck & upper back (I also did a little bit of work on her low back, but there was not much to do there, since little of the SCARRED FASCIA I dealt with on the previous visit had returned).  Her results AFTER JUST ONE TREATMENT over two years ago — for an accident that happened almost a quarter century earlier — were so amazing (not uncommon, although certainly not guaranteed), I asked if she would do a VIDEO TESTIMONIAL for us.  Although a bit reluctant (like many, she didn’t particularly relish being in front of a camera), she agreed, realizing the potential to help others in a similar situation she was prior to treatment.

While FASCIAL ADHESIONS are certainly not the only cause of pain that doctors sometimes cannot get a handle on, it is certainly a substantial one.  For those of you coping with chronic pain, chronic sickness, or a chronic inability to do the things you love, I have a NIFTY LITTLE PROTOCOL that might help get you back on track.  It’s certainly not a solution for everyone or everything, but at least take a moment or two to glance at it, as it might prove to be a game-changer for you or a loved one (and best of all, it’s completely free).


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