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Indiana Woman Finds Pain Relief in Rural Southern Missouri

When I saw Jennifer a year ago this week, she was in rough shape and had been for a long time.  She needed pain relief. Jennifer was struggling with hip / buttock / low back pain that no one had been able to help her with — and now it was going to ruin her vacation (every year she and her husband spend a week just down the road at Eminence’s CROSS COUNTRY TRAIL RIDES).   Dealing with a combination of THORACOLUMBAR ISSUES, IMPINGEMENT OF THE SUPERIOR CLUNEAL NERVE, and a FASCIAL ADHESION that was causing sciatica via her “FASCIATOME” — one treatment proved to be a game-changer.

While I certainly don’t want to insinuate that everyone gets these sorts of results in one visit, it’s actually a common theme in my clinic as well as something we strive for (HERE), and at least part of what motivates people to come see us FROM AROUND THE GLOBE.  Rather than me tell her story, I’ll let Jennifer tell it in her own words.  Oh; if you appreciate our site, be sure and let others know.  Liking, sharing, or following on FACEBOOK is still a nice method of reaching the people you love and value most, with information that has the potential to be life changing.  By the way, if you liked the CCTR video above, be sure and take a look at our pics from THE CURRENT RIVER.


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