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inflammation always leads to fibrosis (microscopic scar tissue)



Inflammation Fibrosis

Yale Rosen


Fibrosis Inflammation

Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator


Inflamatory Fibrotic

Yale Rosen

I get it.  Some of you might be tired of me beating this drum that concerns the relationship between INFLAMMATION and the MICROSCOPIC SCAR TISSUE that the medical community refers to as “Fibrosis”.   Don’t be.  If you understand only one thing on my site, it needs to be this point.  Why? Because not only does Inflammation always lead to Fibrosis, it’s the very thing that kills the average American (HERE) —- usually slowly, leaving them miserable and unable to function normally for the last decades of their lives (HERE).  You see; when it comes to morbidity and mortality (sickness and death), Inflammation & Fibrosis are everything. 

Although I have shown you in several different posts that Inflammation leads to Scar Tissue / Fibrosis (HERE, HERE, HERE , and HERE are some that come immediately to mind), I’m going to play this game a little differently today.  Today I am going to show you, using studies from peer-reviewed journals from the past few months (many are from the past week) just how intimate the relationship between Inflammation and Fibrosis really is. 

Pay attention because although some of these quotes contain a fair bit of technical jargon, you can read between the lines to understand their point.  You are going to see that this topic of Inflammation and Fibrosis covers a lot of ground.  And believe me when I tell you that if I wanted, I could literally have come up with thousands of similar.

“Although fibrosis is becoming increasingly recognized as a major cause of morbidity and mortality in chronic inflammatory diseases, available treatment strategies are limited.”   From the abstract of the January, 2015 issue of the medical journal Cell Adhesions and Migrations (Tenascins in Fibrotic Disorders: From Bench to Bedside)

There it is folks.  Although we know that Inflammation-induced Fibrosis is destroying lives like there’s no tomorrow, the medical community continues to scratch their collective heads as far as what to do about it.  Sure, NSAIDS and CORTICOSTEROIDS are popular in our society, but we found out a long time ago that these are not all they’ve been cracked up to be.  They destroy the immune system instead of making it healthier.

“Cigarette smoke exposure in mice resulted in respiratory bronchiolitis with fibrosis in surrounded alveoli.  The presence of areas of interstitial and alveolar fibrosis in peripheral parenchyma often accompanied the bronchiolar changes. Macrophages from smoking mice elaborate M2 cytokines [Inflammation] and enzymes, which can promote TGF-beta expression [Inflammation], collagen deposition [Scar Tissue], and fibrosis in the surrounding areas.”  Cherrypicked from the abstract of the March, 2015 issue of PLoS One (Smoking p66Shc Knocked Out Mice Develop Respiratory Bronchiolitis with Fibrosis but Not Emphysema)

CIGARETTE SMOKE is absurdly Inflammatory.  Inflammation leads to Fibrosis, and sooner or later, Fibrosis is going to kill you, in this case probably in a slow and miserable fashion.

“Several inflammatory diseases including scleroderma and atopic dermatitis display dermal thickening, epidermal hypertrophy, or excessive accumulation of collagen [Fibrosis]. Strikingly, injection of recombinant soluble LIGHT [an Inflammatory marker from the TNF Family] into mice, either subcutaneously or systemically, promoted collagen deposition in the skin, and dermal and epidermal thickening [Fibrosis].  We reveal an unappreciated activity of LIGHT on keratinocytes and suggest that LIGHT may be an important mediator of skin inflammation and fibrosis in diseases such as scleroderma or atopic dermatitis.”  Taken from the abstract of the March, 2015 issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (The Tumor Necrosis Factor Superfamily Molecule LIGHT Promotes Keratinocyte Activity and Skin Fibrosis)

According to December’s issue of Pediatrics (Atopic Dermatitis: Skin-Directed Management) more than 10% of American children have atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as Eczema.  Like all these “Inflammatory” problems we are mentioning today, medical options are limited.  I realize your doctor will give you some sort of Cortisone-based cream.  But if they are willing to be brutally honest with you, they’ll tell you it makes it worse in the long run — and that doesn’t even begin to deal with side-effects — the majority or which are severely UNDER-REPORTED.

“These findings suggest that IGFBPrP1 acts as an initiator of liver fibrosis by inducing inflammation, HSC activation and Extracellular Matrix deposition [a hallmark of Fibrosis] through the ERK1/2 pathway.”  The conclusions of a study from the January, 2015 issue of Hepatology International (Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-Related Protein 1 (IGFBPrP1) Contributes to Liver Inflammation and Fibrosis Via Activation of the ERK1/2 Pathway)

Bottom line is that living the HIGH CARB LIFESTYLE will eventually earn you fatty and fibrotic liver.

“This study aims to investigate the histopathological changes secondary to the administration of Ankaferd Blood Stopper® (ABS) [a Turkish plant-based drug] into the auricular cartilage. The ABS group had significantly higher level of fibrosis, necrosis, foreign body reaction, inflammation, and cartilage degeneration, compared to the controls….  significantly increased fibrosis and necrosis in the auricular cartilage.”  From the January, 2015 issue of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Unpredicted Effects of Ankaferd® on Cartilage Tissue).

Should we be surprised that a drug has the side-effects of both Inflammation and Fibrosis (among other things)?  Of course not.

“Radiation therapy is a cornerstone in nasopharyngeal cancer treatment. However, it can induce acute and long-term adverse effects, such as acute mucositis [Inflammation] and late submucosal fibrosis”  From this week’s issue of the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy (Nasal Cytological Changes as Late Effects of Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Cancer)

It’s not news that the VERY TESTS that physicians use to diagnose Cancer, actually cause Cancer. Neither is it news to anyone that even though it’s used as a treatment for cancer, therapeutic radiation itself is a major cause of cancer as well.  We know that CANCER is in the family of “INFLAMMATORY DISEASES“.  Now we see that “Radiation Therapy” causes both Inflammation and Fibrosis.  Again; knowing what we know, no one is too surprised.  HERE, have another Twinkie.

“The pathological change of kidney in diabetic nephropathy is represented by hypertrophy, inflammation, and renal fibrosis.  These results demonstrate that Oryeongsan [an herb used in Chinese Medicine] has protective effect against renal proliferation, fibrosis, and inflammation. Therefore Oryeongsan may be specific therapies targeting renal dysfunction leading to diabetic nephropathy.”  From the February, 2015 issue of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Oryeongsan Suppressed High Glucose-Induced Mesangial Fibrosis).

Wow; certain herbs can actually protect against the Inflammation and Fibrosis that come about as the result of BLOOD SUGAR DYSREGULATION — one of those things that most who are deeply involved in the SCAM KNOWN AS EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE (including the FDA) don’t want you to know about.

“Secondary lymphedema in humans is a common consequence of lymph node dissection (LND) to treat breast cancer. A peculiar characteristic of the disease is that life-long swelling often precipitously appears several years following the surgical treatment, often due to an inflammatory stimulus. In order to clarify the role of fibrosis in secondary lymphedema initiation, we chemically increased fibrosis in rodent tissues with bleomycin…  We found that bleomycin injections exacerbated fibrotic matrix deposition, reduced wound closure, and impaired the ability of the lymphatics to regenerate and reduce the swelling.  The findings demonstrate that fibrosis reduces the lymphatic capacity to functionally regenerate and prevent the chronic appearance of lymphedema.”  Cherrypicked from the abstract of this week’s issue of the American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology  (Fibrosis Worsens Chronic Lymphedema in Rodent Tissues).

BREAST CANCER is not only an epidemic in this country, it’s not typically caused by what you have been led to believe the medical community says it’s caused by (HERE).  Once you understand that Bleomycin is an ANTIBIOTIC, and you begin to understand how Anti-inflammatory Drugs and Antibiotics work to suppress the Immune System (HERE), you can begin to appreciate this drug’s wide ranging side effects — including Inflammation and Fibrosis as well as cancer (HERE).

“Myocarditis is a critical inflammatory disorder which causes life-threatening conditions. No specific or effective treatment has been established.  Administration of the DPP-4 inhibitor remarkably suppressed cardiac fibrosis and reduced inflammatory cytokine gene expression in EAM mice.”   From this week’s issue of PLoS One (A DPP-4 Inhibitor Suppresses Fibrosis and Inflammation on Experimental Autoimmune Myocarditis in Mice)

When people die from heart disease, the reality is that they are usually dying of Fibrosis of the heart (HERE).  And despite everything you have been led to believe, the therapies we are currently using are not nearly as effective as what TV COMMERCIALS and your doctor have have told you. Great example of this are STATIN DRUGS and DIABETES DRUGS.  The problem with giving a specific chemical — even if it’s “natural”, such as DPP-4 Inhibitor above —- is that it tends to throw your body out of HOMEOSTASIS, setting off a chain-reaction of side-effects.  It’s why so few of these types of drugs pan out in the long run.

“For over 50 years, it has been recognized that immunity contributes to hypertension.  Recent data have defined an important role of T cells and various T cell-derived cytokines in several models of experimental hypertension… Cytokines [various forms of Inflammation] released from these cells, including interleukin-17, interferon-γ, tumor necrosis factorα, and interleukin-6 promote…..  increased renal fibrosis. Recent experiments have defined a link between oxidative stress and immune activation in hypertension…..”  From this week’s issue of Circulatory Research (Inflammation, Immunity, and Hypertensive End-Organ Damage)

Hypertension (HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE) is rampant in America.  I could tell you that it’s another one of those Inflammatory (FREE RADICAL) problems that leads to Fibrosis, but you already guessed that after looking at the abstract.

The point is this; if you are not grasping the fact that Inflammation will kill you via a process that restricts normal movement and normal function of your body, right down to the cellular level, odds are great that living a healthy life right up until the very end, is not in your stars.  For about 90% of you reading this, THIS POST will effectively address your health problems.  The rest of you are going to need some help from someone who understands FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE / FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGY.


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