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is the problem of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions getting better?


No Antibiotics

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Despite years of persuasion and publicity, antibiotics are still drastically overprescribed for two common complaints — sore throat and bronchitis.  The October 3 issue of MedPage Today by Michael Smith.
If it were not so sad, it would almost be comical how the medical community cannot control their prescription habits when it comes to antibiotics.  Why is this such a huge issue?  ANTIBIOTICS (especially when coupled with UNCONTROLLED BLOOD SUGAR) are one of the single greatest destroyers of health in America.  Re-read that sentence to grasp the full effect of what was said. 

I have written extensively not only about the crazy ways that Antibiotics are still being over-prescribed, but about the numerous diverse ways they adversely affect your health.  Antibiotics wreak havoc on your Gut, and people tend to forget (or maybe they never realized) that 80% of your entire Immune System is found in the Gut.  GUT HEALTH is critical for your overall health, and Antibiotics destroy the good bacteria that make you healthy.

Despite the fact that doctors have known for decades that only about one in ten sore throats is bacterial (HERE), a recent records review of two national databases showed that 60% of the patients who go to the doctor with a sore throat are still being given Antibiotics (this is down from 80% 25 years ago).  The same study went on to say that even though bronchitis never (their word, not mine) responds to Antibiotic therapy, Antibiotics are prescribed in nearly 3/4 of the patients who seek medical care for this particular problem.  Furthermore, the study said that prescription habits concerning bronchitis have not changed one iota since 1996.  Interestingly enough, this study comes on the heels of a 113 page paper put out by the CDC saying that the whole Antibiotic-Resistance problem is rapidly becoming a national crisis and is ready to hit critical mass.

If you value your health and the health of your family, learn more about this topic by clicking on the links above.


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