kettlebell swings


Kettlebell Swings

Over the past year or so, I have fallen in love with REBOUNDING and the Kettlebell Swing.  I became extremely intrigued after reading Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Body.  He shows the research saying that when it comes to exercise, less is more — something that I have had to beat into my head over the past decade.  The research has shown for years that high intensity exercise that is done for a short duration produces superior results in all arenas. 

Ferriss rehashed the old Colorado State University study with professional bodybuilder Casey Viator being trained by the developer of Nautalis Equipment, Arthur Jones.  Viator was said to have gained almost 70 lbs of muscle in one month’s time by using Jones concept of one maximal set per exercise done to failure.  Sorry; I’m not buying that he did this without some serious pharmaceutical help.  What I am buying, however, is that Kettlebell Swings are the most amazing full-body resistance exercise I have ever been exposed to.  For me, they the place of deadlifts, squats, lunges, and who knows what else.  And I can do a couple heavy sets per week without stirring up the old PIRIFORMIS ISSUE (I use a 120 pound T-BAR).

One of the stories in Ferriss’ book was that of a woman who had lost 100 lbs in 100 days by simply going LOW CARB and doing Kettlebell Swings two times a week for 15-20 minutes (to understand why Low Carb eating burns fat like a coal-fired furnace, CLICK THIS).   Although I hear people talking about creating diets / workout programs that lead to a slow, steady, weight loss, you can do better than that if you desire — much better. 

Believe it or not, our government (Medicare) will pay for you to lose weight as long as you are losing 1.1 lbs per month.  Yep; you heard me correctly.  A measly, gravy-sucking quarter pound per week.  Depending on how overweight you are and your physical condition, this might be as good as you can do.  The truth is, however; most people can do better —- MUCH BETTER.   It’s the holiday season.  Why not take the HOLIDAY CHALLENGE and get in shape before you gain that extra weight that comes from eating too many cookies and washing them down with too much eggnog.  To learn more about the relationship between Kettle Bell Swings, WEIGHT LOSS, getting in shape, and the like, see my pages on the subject (HERE & HERE).  On the last link, I even show you how to make your own Kettlebells for next to nothing.  Don’t settle for one pound a month when you can do so much better.

As always, ask your MD before starting any diet or exercise program.

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