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long distance patients:  should i stay or should i go?


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The topic of this blog post is related to a question I am asked several times a day via email by potential patients contemplating a visit to Mountain View to have Tissue Remodeling done; How many visits / How long will it take to help me get better?  I honestly never know, but have answered this question for you as best I can HERE.  If our particular brand of  TISSUE REMODELING were like other common methods of treatment, the question above would not be such a big deal.  But, as you can see from our numerous VIDEO TESTIMONIALS; it’s not like other forms of treatment.  Far from it.   The problem is, due to the potential INTENSITY it takes to break up Scar Tissue (HERE), I am rarely able to treat the same area(s) more than once a week, or in special cases, possibly twice — Mon / Fri).  This means that you may have to make a decision: should you stay or should you go?  Some people purchase an open-ended ticket, and make the decision after their first treatment.

  • STAY HERE IN A MOTEL:  For those who are contemplating staying, our SCAR TISSUE REMODELING FAQ PAGE has a list of area motels.  It is not uncommon for patients to stay for a week — sometimes longer.  If you are physically up to it, you can make a vacation of it and do a little bit of sight seeingHERE is a post about some of the things you can do while you are in our neck of the Ozarks.  Staying may also potentially save you an additional trip(s) here.  The main disadvantage of staying here is that you may end up stuck in a motel room for several days.  Many people that go this route, simply work online from their room.  Some people purchase an open-ended ticket, and make this decision after their first treatment.


  • GO BACK HOME AFTER YOUR FIRST TREATMENT:  This option is simple.  Since you will know in one treatment whether or not I can help you (see the first two links in the post), you come in, get treated, and go back home.  There is one small catch to choosing this option.  Since I typically only see my more complex cases and out-of-state or long-distance patients early in the morning (5 to 6 am), you will probably have to get a motel for at least one night anyway.  The advantages of going this route are avoiding a long stay, and returning for follow-up treatment if and only if what I do is benefiting you.  The disadvantages are that you will be stuck in a car or plane immediately after I treat you — despite the fact that you are to be about the business of STRETCHING every half hour for three days.   While not impossible (lots and lots of people have gone this route), it can definitely present a challenge — particularly for those of you whose conditions are severe.   Another obvious disadvantage of this option is the possibility of needing to make a return trip.  Bear in mind that this is something that I cannot know or even guess up front.  Once you make the decision to come to Mountain View, you’ll have to decide whether to stay or go. There are no right or wrong answers to this question —- it’s totally up to you.

If you have read much of my site, you will realize that I do everything in my power to try and determine beforehand if I believe there is a better than average chance that you will respond favorably to what I do (HERE).  Unfortunately, this includes some guesswork.  One more thing; please do not think that if I reply to your email with a few words and a link, I am blowing you off.  It’s just that due to the volume of email I answer on day-to-day basis, I can no longer type long individual emails; answering the same questions over and over and over again.


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