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long-term post-surgical pain and piriformis syndrome


Ginny is a real sweetheart who recently moved to this area from Nebraska.  After suffering for years, finally being diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, having a liver / kidney transplant, and living on the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND, Ginny came to me looking for some sort of relief from her Chronic Pain.  The first thing I did was to let her know that the “hip” problem she had been dealing with ‘forever‘ was actually PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME.  She did so well with her first couple of Tissue Remodeling Treatments that I suggested a SCAR TISSUE treatment on her belly (my suspicion was that there was so much Scar Tissue there that it was pulling her into a forward-leaning posture).

You see, Ginny’s belly is not anything like most people’s.  She not only has a long, thick scar from the liver transplant, but she has numerous areas on her belly-area that could only be described as “hard” and restricted (this does not even get into the hernias).  After watching one of our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS about a woman I had treated who had struggled for nearly two decades with pain and postural distortion due to POST-SURGICAL SCAR TISSUE (HERE), she was ready to give it a shot herself. 

I called Ginny a couple of days later to see how she was doing.  She was elated at the change.  But rather than me telling you her story, I’ll let her do it.  Please take just a couple of minutes to watch this compelling video of a solution to chronic post-surgical pain.  Unfortunately, Ginny passed away in 2016.


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