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medical practice -vs- medical research


“The Grand Canyon is a roadside ditch compared to the chasm that exists between medical research and medical practice.”   Dr. Russell Schierling

At its largest, the Grand Canyon is nearly 18 miles across, and well over a mile deep.  As incredible as that sounds, there’s a canyon that’s even larger.  If you seriously follow the medical research, you’ll quickly realize that the chasm between medical practice and medical research dwarfs anything else in existence today.  Allow me to explain what I mean.

I frequently go to Functional Medicine seminars.  The instructors (most are Functional Neurologists trained by TED CARRICK and DATIS KHARRAZIAN), spend hours — sometime days —- putting up scores of studies via their computer projectors for the entire class to see.  Although many of these studies are new, many others are not.  In fact, some are as many as three or four decades old.  The research relates to wide variety of topics, but frequently have to do with important things like AUTOIMMUNTY, GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, LEAKY GUT SYNDROME, BLOOD SUGAR, GUT HEALTH, as well as a whole host of other health-related topics. 

Because the medical research is absolutely loaded to the brim with studies on these and similar issues, the average doctor could be using this cutting-edge information to blaze away at the underlying causes of disease on full-auto.  Instead they all too often continue to shoot blanks by following the status quo — the pathway picked out for them by Big Pharma.  In other words, all to often, the practice of medicine looks nothing like what’s found in the research. To put it a different way; why in the world does the medical community continue to treat today’s patients so similarly to the way they were treating patients forty years ago, in light of studies like those found in THESE POSTS?  If you think I am overstating my case, simply start clicking.  In your heart of heart you know that the reason that EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE is not as much about the “evidence” as you’ve been led to believe, boils down to one thing —- money. 

The really cool thing is that even if your doctor is not really interested in staying current with the most up-to-date, relevant, and cutting-edge health news; because of the internet, you can do it yourself.  Knowledge is power, and thanks to medical databases such as PubMed, you have it all at your fingertips.  Hopefully this blog can provide a tiny part of the knowledge-base used to empower you to make wise health-related decisions for yourself and your family (HERE).


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