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more on the sugar / cancer link

The Sugar / Obesity / Cancer Link

“Endometrial cancers are the most common gynecologic cancers in developed countries.”  Dr. CS Oldenberg from April 2013’s issue of Gynecologic Oncology (“The Relationship of Body Mass Index with Quality of Life Among Endometrial Cancer Survivors”)

If you happened to catch my recent post on SUGAR CAUSES CANCER, you already know that mainstream medicine all but completely denies any existence of a link between the two — ridiculous in light of what we know about BLOOD SUGAR & DIABETES as well as CANCER AND OBESITY.  This brand new study might provide a wake up call. 

The study, done at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health in Minneapolis, and published in the latest issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, & Prevention, showed that the rate of estrogen-dependent Endometrial Cancer (cancer that forms in the tissue lining the uterus) nearly doubled (a whopping 78% increase) in women drinking four or more sweetened drinks a week (that would be one every other day). 

Listen to what Charles Bankhead wrote on this subject in Friday’s issue of MedPage Today.

Consumption of sugar-containing drinks has risen in parallel to the prevalence of obesity in the U. S., offering one potential explanation for sugar’s association with endometrial cancer, which occurs disproportionately in obese women.  In developed nations, obesity is associated with at least half of type I [estrogen-dependent] endometrial cancers. 

Epidemiologic studies have linked higher intake of sugar-sweetened drinks to higher risks of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Collectively, available evidence provides biologic plausibility for sugar-sweetened drink consumption as a contributing factor in endometrial cancer…..   The finding that sugar-sweetened drinks might contribute to the most common type of endometrial cancer is not particularly surprising, given the cancer’s association with obesity

Listen folks; nearly ALL DISEASES start the same way.   Once you begin to understand this, you can begin to understand why OBESITY is so intimately linked to so many different chronic illnesses, and why dietary changes are so critical to your regaining your health.  What diet do I recommend?  That’s easy.  For the vast majority of you; the PALEO DIET is the way to go.  Don’t simply shrug it off.  Click on the link, do a little bit of research, and learn why going Paleo might not simply solve your weight issues, but your INFLAMMATORY HEALTH ISSUES as well.


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