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mothers against childhood ear infections: a testimonial


Childhood Ear Infections

One of the neatest things about CHIROPRACTIC is the way it helps such a wide range of health problems beyond CHRONIC PAIN.  Although I have seen any number of what could only be described as “MIRACLES” in my office, I would not consider our track record with Childhood Ear Infections to be on the list.  Why not?  Because when EXCELLENT RESULTS WITH CHRONIC EAR INFECTIONS are the norm, by definition, they cannot really be referred to as ‘miraculous’.

After Stephanie’s four year old daughter (she is six now) developed a CHRONIC EAR INFECTION, she turned to the internet for answers and found our site.  Take just a moment to absorb this TESTIMONIAL that was given to me yesterday (I last saw her two years ago).

At four years old, my daughter “N” had developed the first ear infection of her life.  After taking her to her pediatrician and getting put on antibiotics, the ear infection cleared up and I thought she was fine.  But two days after her medicine ran out her ear infection returned.  So back to the pediatrician I went.  This happened five different times within a two month period, each time with the doctor prescribing a different antibiotic.  After the fifth time, her doctor told me she was going to need tubes to get the ears to drain.

After searching Dr. Schierling’s website and finding his information on ear infections, I set up an appointment and brought her in.  He adjusted her twice — a week apart.  It totally cleared up her ear infection and she has not had one since.  – Stephanie Hobson, Willow Springs, MO

Once people begin to understand that ANTIBIOTICS are one of the worst things that could possibly be put in their children (HERE), like Stephanie, they begin looking for alternatives.  Not only do Antibiotics destroy GUT HEALTH that is so critical for maintaining overall health, but because 80% OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS FOUND IN YOUR GUT, every round of Antibiotics weakens your Immune System, leaving you that much more susceptible to whatever infection happens to be coming down the pike.  And when you / they get it, rest assured that the solution will be more of the same.  Antibiotics.  Isn’t it time to break the vicious cycle and get healthy?


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