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muscle arthritis: myositis


What do you think of when you hear the word “ARTHRITIS“?  Although the word itself means ‘joint inflammation‘ we think of Arthritis as any disorder of the musculoskeletal system that degenerates or destroys the Connective Tissues that make up joints (LIGAMENTS, TENDONS, FASCIA, etc) as well as cartilage, bone, or even the synovial fluid that lubricates said joints. 

The various forms of Myositis are considered both INFLAMMATORY as well as AUTOIMMUNE, which, as you might suspect, puts women at a much greater risk than men.   Diseases of these two classes tend to travel in packs, like wolves.  This is why when you see a person with one health problem in either of these two categories, they’ll likely have several.  Myositis is sometimes confused with POLYMYALGIA RHEUMATICA initially, but unlike PR, it’s a progressive condition.  If you spend any real time studying Myositis, you’ll also see that it’s heavily associated with Fibrosis.

Fibrosis is the medical name for what I refer to in my office as SCAR TISSUE.  I’ve shown you in at least four posts (HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE) that Scar Tissue itself is an Inflammatory problem (i.e it’s caused by Inflammation).   Myositis is an Inflammation of muscles (myo = “muscle” and itis – “inflammation“) that can be put into three distinct categories.

  • POLYMYOSITIS:  Because “poly” means many, a Polymyositis simply means that many muscles are inflamed.  These individuals will often have trouble with stairs — or even swallowing.  They are prone to any number of CANCERS, as well as lung problems.  Myositis tends to affect the trunk / torso and the parts of the limbs closer to it.  There can be a great deal of joint pain at times, and people tend to get Reynaud’s Disease as well — a form of PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY that leaves the hands both blue and cold.
  • DERMATOMYOSITIS:  DM is basically all of the above along with severe SKIN ISSUES (mostly rash).  It’s extremely rare.
  • INCLUSION BODY MYOSITIS:  Inclusion Body Myosytis is a condition where the Immune System attacks muscles, laying down abnormal proteins in the muscle cells.  Although often mistaken for Polymyositis, it is far more progressive and degenerative.

According to the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center (Treatment of Myositis) there is only one way to treat this problem —- prescribing two different IMMUNO-SUPPRESSIVE DRUGS (CORTICOSTEROIDS & NSAIDS).  Because neither one of these drugs is therapeutic (they are palliative, meaning they cover symptoms as opposed to actually helping you get better), I would suggest that you at least look at other options — especially if you have been told that your problem is FIBROMYALGIA.

If you want to figure out what it takes to solve Autoimmunity and at the very least, dampen the Immune System’s runaway response without taking dangerous drugs, you’ll have to READ THESE POSTS.  No, it’s not a “cure” (as one of my professors used to say, ‘the only thing cured is ham‘).  However, it is a starting point for almost every NON-GENETIC health problem you can name.  And as you can see from following the link, it works.


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