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I have three websites (this one, SPINAL DECOMPRESSION MISSOURI, and DESTROY CHRONIC PAIN).  I do all of the work on them.  I take that back.  There is one part of my site that I have farmed out — the banners.  Diana Rosdail is not only a wizard with her graphics software, she knows how to create images that convey the message that I am looking to get across to my readers.  My last couple of banners were somewhat garish.  Using Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sorrowing Man” painting as a starting point, Diana knocked this one out of the park.  The original paining, done in 1890, was also called Worn Out: At Eternity’s Gate.  It was completed two months before Van Gogh’s death via suicide. 

Although I have not experienced the crazy kind of pain that many of my patients deal with on a day-to-day basis, I have dealt with my share of Chronic Pain.  You can read about my experience HERE and on my ABOUT US PAGE.  Personally struggling with Chronic Pain, as well as treating thousands of patients dealing with the same, has given me an empathy and understanding for your situation. Can I help you with your particular problem?   I never know the answer to that question beforehand (HERE).  However, I will do whatever I can to help you find a solution to your pain.  If you have never seen them, take a couple of minutes and look at our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS.


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