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Do Root Canals and Certain Other Dental Procedures Have the Potential to be Hazardous to Your Health?

“Volumes of important medical information are buried in seldom read journals.  Sadly, these discoveries never influence routine medical practice or benefit the sick and dying.”  Dr. Thomas Levy from the preface of 2013’s Death by Calcium

When I say that it’s no secret that ORAL DYSBIOSIS can cause, or at least contribute to, lots of different diseases, I mean just that — lot’s of different diseases.  Just two short weeks ago, the journal Practical Pain Management published an article called Bacteria Found in Gum Disease Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis.  In it they said that, “Medical investigators have observed a clinical association between periodontal disease and RA since the early 1900s, and over time, researchers have suspected that both diseases may be triggered by a common factor.” 

The study went on to talk about research linking certain bacteria to RA as well as the mechanism that these dysbiotic organisms potentially cause this debilitating disease.  Even though you likely have not heard of this link, as the quote revealed, the medical community has known about it for over a century.  Nowhere is this link seen more clearly seen than in Root Canals.

A Root Canal is a dental procedure that involves taking an infected tooth, drilling away part of the body of the tooth, and then using a long, flexible file to scrape out the infected or damaged pulp from the center of the tooth’s root (the root canal).  After this has been done, the drilled out roots and body are packed with compound, and a crown is put on top of the tooth to seal it in a cap-like fashion.  THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO ANIMATION shows the procedure. 

If you watch the video, you will notice not only how essential it is to maintain a sterile environment while performing the procedure, but how difficult it is as well.  Some, like Dr Thomas Levy of Colorado Springs, would argue that it’s much more than difficult — it’s impossible.

Not quite three years ago, Dr. Levy sent me an autographed copy of his most recent book called DEATH BY CALCIUM after seeing A POST on my site questioning the value of using supplemental calcium to treat OSTEOPOROSIS.  Not only did I read it cover-to-cover, but I did a book review on it as well (see link). 

One of the most fascinating things about the book that I did not mention in my review, but have known about for at least two decades (ROYAL LEE & WESTON PRICE were both dentists who dealt with this subject at length at least seven decades ago), is the fact that Root Canal Procedures can be terribly harmful to one’s health.  Dr. Levy, a cardiologist / cardiothoracic surgeon for the better part of four decades (Tulane — he also happens to have a law degree from the University of Denver), wrote about this in chapter 14 of his book.

Titled Cleansing the Foul Mouth, Dr. Levy talked about the way that CAVITIES and infections in both the teeth and gums (most being sub-clinical or “occult”) can, “worsen chronic degenerative diseases, most notably heart disease and cancer.”  He went on to say that, Root Canal-treated teeth act as, “efficient toxin pumps.  All root canal-treated teeth are dangerously toxic.”  Listen to the lengths that Dr. Levy goes to get this point across to his readers (the quote is cherry-picked as are all quotes due to restraints on time and space).

“Root canal-treated teeth are all infected and highly toxic.  Over 5,000 consecutively extracted root canal-treated teeth were analyzed and 100% of them were found to house any of a variety of highly potent toxins.  All root canal-treated teeth continually produce toxins from the ongoing metabolism of the bacteria and other microbes proliferating inside them.  It has been established that dental pulp infections, such as are found in root canal-treated teeth, harbor an incredibly large and diverse array of microbes and pathogens, including fungi, viruses, and over 460 types of bacteria.  The very nature of the root canal procedure actually makes it impossible that any treated tooth could ever be nontoxic even one out of 5,000 times.”

Before you write Levy off, I would suggest you watch the YouTube video I gave you a link for above.  This is not an anti-Root Canal video.  It’s an educational video to be used by dentists to show patients what a Root Canal really entails.  To reiterate what I stated earlier, my first thought after watching how Root Canals are done was that it would be extremely difficult to prevent trapping bacteria and other microbes deep inside the tooth, where they could essentially grow, spread, and leach their festering toxicity into surrounding tissues as well as the blood stream itself.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what’s going on.

In the middle video below, Dr. Dr. Robert Kulacz (a dentist) states specifically that, “it doesn’t mean that all root canal teeth are going to cause disease — they don’t all cause disease.  It depends on the type of bacteria that are in there, what kinds of toxins they produce or the immune system health of the individual….” I bring this issue up because I have actually seen it in action any number of times — people having problematic teeth removed and then “GETTING WELL“.  And as for “healthy” immune systems; all you have to do is take one look at America’s HEALTH STATISTICS (or HERE) to see that as a nation, ours are anything but.

Root Canals or ‘bad teeth’ are simply one more of the many things that could be driving the inflammation that’s lurking behind your CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DEGENERATIVE DISEASES, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES or FIBROSIS / SCAR TISSUE

You’re already likely aware of some of the others — MERCURY, ALUMINUM, and other toxic metals, PARASITES, SUGAR & JUNK CARBS, GLUTEN or other food sensitivities, BLACK MOLD, CANDIDA YEAST, or other forms of DYSBIOSIS, VARIOUS “LEAKIES” SYNDROMES, and who knows how many others, including many of the DRUGS YOU TAKE (including those ridiculous FLU SHOTS). And knowing that SUGAR ACTUALLY “FEEDS” INFECTIONS in our age of massive sugar and carb consumption makes this scenario all the more likely for at least some of you reading this.

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