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part of my site is not working properly


My apologies to those who have found that part of my site is not working properly.  The “Blog Categories” are not working properly.  My website designer says it’s a bug and should be fixed shortly.  What this means is that both my Blog Categories along with anything on my site that has been linked to a Blog Category, is down.  If you click on these, you will simply get a blank page on my site.  Again, my apologies.  None of the posts are actually gone, so if you want, you can access them through the search bar. 

UPDATE: The company I use to build my site, Weebly, actually changed the way they do permalinks to their blog categories without letting anyone know or doing anything about it.  In other words, all my links to blog categories (I have a lot of them) prior to this date create a blank page (there is my header and header pic and that’s it).  Not sure why they didn’t create a program to fix this, but the end result is an awful lot of work for me (and others I would assume).  And to top it all off, when you talk to their support staff about it they either have no clue or have been told to act like they have no clue.


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