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piriformis syndrome:  how many visits does it take?


Piriformis Syndrome Treatment

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You will either find great relief in this treatment, or it will not work.  Jonie Barnes quoting my words to her in the video testimonial below.
I WILL TACKLE the question of how long it takes to help people with CHRONIC NECK PAIN.  Although the answers to these two questions are quite similar, there are some significant differences as well.  The three main things I want you to know are as follows….

  • FIRSTLY (It takes one visit to know if I can help you):  Notice that I did not say that it takes one visit to “fix” you.  If I can help you, you’ll know it in just one visit.  Granted, that visit might last several hours, but you will know (HERE are some Blog Posts and Video Testimonials on Piriformis Syndrome).


  • SECONDLY (Unlike Chronic Neck Pain in yesterday’s post, I help a lot of people with acute Piriformis Syndrome):  The truth is, I would much rather treat acute-onset Piriformis Syndrome.  Generally speaking, it is much easier to deal with Piriformis Syndrome that has only been occurring for a few weeks or even a few months.  However, if you watch our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS on Piriformis Syndrome, you’ll be shocked to see how many of these people have had their problem for two, three, and even four decades.

  • THIRDLY (It can come from almost anywhere):  The FASCIAL ADHESIONS that are so often responsible for Piriformis Syndrome can arise from almost anywhere.  This means that even though the “pinching” is occurring at the piriformis muscle, many times this is not where the primary problem actually is.  To understand this better, I created a couple of different posts on the subject (HERE and HERE).


After slipping on the ice and falling on concrete 8 years ago, it was determined that Jonie (an R.N.) had fractured the tip of her coccyx (tailbone).  Over the years, she went to a number of physicians who always wanted to blame Jonie’s pain on DJD (she was in her mid 20’s when this happened).  I did Scar Tissue Remodeling on Jonie exactly one time, five months ago. Take a couple minutes and listen to her tell her compelling story.   Note that when Jonie says “left hip” she is referring to the area of her left Buttock / Piriformis Muscle.


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