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piriformis syndrome on my mind


Piriformis Syndrome

Cathy Lee came to see me several years ago for a pain in her butt.  This was a pain that she had dealt with for over thirty years — since the birth of her last (third) daughter.  Like many of you, she was at the end of her rope as far as pure suffering was concerned.   She had gone through all of the usual tests and treatments — some, many times over.  She was always told that there was nothing wrong with her except “a little arthritis” and these aches and pains were something that all of us have.  Get used to it.  You’ll just have to learn to live with it! 

But unbeknownst to Cathy, this was not a simple “ache or pain“!  Like so many of the patients that I treat in my neck of the Ozarks, Cathy had never received a definitive diagnosis —– and had never as much as heard the term “Piriformis Syndrome” used before —- even though she had been dealing with it for three decades!

When I first met Cathy, she was getting ready to sell her horses.  You see, she is a horse lover, who lives to trail ride and take care of her horses.  But to ride, you must sit; and sitting & bouncing around on a hard saddle is a trigger that can flare the symptoms of PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME for days at a time.  If my memory serves me correctly, I treated Kathy 3 times over a period of about a year or so.  She was dramatically better after her first treatment.

Listen as Kathy shares her powerful testimonial with you.  Thanks Cathy!  Enjoy your horses, and God Bless.



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