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piriformis syndrome video testimonial


One of the hallmarks of PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME is that like DISC PROBLEMS, it has the ability to cause SCIATICA (leg pain).  One of the hallmarks of Workman’s Comp is that people tend to get the run-around.  Annette had been a patient for quite sometime, as had her HUSBAND; so when she developed severe hip / buttock pain at work, she knew where to come.  Unfortunately, in Missouri, patients injured at work cannot choose their own doctor (the employer along with the WC carrier sends you to the “Company Doctor”).   As usual, Workman’s Comp had her on the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND; a place she knew she did not want to be considering what her husband had gone through several years prior (look at the link above).  I saw Annette ONE TIME in the latter part of last year, and did not see her again until yesterday.  Rather than me tell you about how well she is doing, I’ll let her tell you herself.  For those that are interested, I have many other POSTS & VIDEO TESTIMONIALS on Piriformis Syndrome.  Enjoy.


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