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piriformis syndrome video testimonial goes viral


Have you ever looked to see how many PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME VIDEOS we have of people who had their problem over two decades?  I have never counted, but I can assure you, it’s a bunch.  PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME is a devastating form of buttock pain, hip pain, and sciatica (leg pain) that destroys lives, while leaving the average doctor in a state of confusion (or delusion).  Before Margie moved here from Alaska, she had been dealing with Piriformis Syndrome for two decades.  One treatment two years ago and zero buttock / leg pain!  How cool is that?  Watch the video.  For more information, you can read our BLOG POSTS ON PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME as well.  Later on, I treated Margie for HIP FLEXOR TENDINOSIS — a problem which along with HIP ADDUCTOR TENDINOSIS (Groin), I see associated with Piriformis Syndrome. 

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