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Doctors Nutrition

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For those who have questioned what their family physician really knows about nutrition, the answer is, “not much“.  But hey, this is not me picking on the profession.  Listen to this scathing editorial by Dr. George Lundberg (M.D.) managing editor of MedPage Today.  Here is a sample: 

Doctor, do you know a lot about human nutrition? You said “yes?”  Congratulations, if that is true.   But I suspect that South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson’s infamous quote “you lie” is applicable.   American medical schools traditionally have done a horrible job with their curricular treatment of clinical nutrition. University curricula are controlled by the faculty and, when the faculty don’t know or care much about a topic, it often gets short shrift….

I might correct Dr. Lundberg here.  The truth of the matter is that if you want to see who really creates the curriculum and guidelines used by our medical community, thumb through some of THESE POSTS. To learn more about WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION and the way of eating that I recommend for handling WEIGHT LOSS, CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY ILLNESS, AUTOIMMUNITY, HORMONAL and ENDOCRINE issues, LEAKY GUT SYNDROME, and food sensitivities, such as GLUTEN, just follow the links provided.  For more on the whole doctors-don’t-know-nutrition topic, just CLICK HERE.


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