piriformis problem

I’ve known Joanna since she was a little girl.  However, I never realized until just how bad her chronic “hip” problem has been for the past 12-14 years.  Although her problem responded some to my PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME Treatment a couple of years ago, it would not last as long as I see it last on most patients.  On top of that, she would not hold adjustments for very long.  Stupid me; I just chalked it up to the fact that she is a hardcore hiker — a woman who goes on multi-week hiking trips on the Appalachian and Colorado Trails (something she has done since her days growing up at DISCOVERY MINISTRIES).  Well, about a year ago, I started experimenting and figured out that her problem was not a traditional Piriformis Syndrome that I see so much of, but a Piriformis TENDINOSIS.  That was the key.  Now she is doing fabulous, holding adjustment, and running without pain —- for the first time since high school.
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