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range of motion — why is it so important?


Range of Motion

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Range of Motion (ROM) is critical for life, health, and vitality.  If you lose normal Range of Motion in any joint, over time you are going to have pain and dysfunction.  The very first things I look for in patients I treat with various CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROMES are…..

  • What Reproduces the Pain?
  • Where is the Loss of Range of Motion?

It’s almost funny because I sometimes have patients get upset with me for telling them they have lost movement in a certain area.  “What do you mean I have a loss of motion?  All I do all day is move!”  Sometimes this loss of ROM is quite visible.  I was talking yesterday evening with a patient who was telling me about her first trip to my office almost a decade ago.  Due to a Mountain Bike wreck she had suffered years previously, she was having ugly neck pain that left her crying every night and constantly seeking Chiropractic Adjustments.  Her problem was that despite all of her adjustments, she had a tremendous restriction in her ability to move her neck (I was able to show her that she was turning her head / neck half of what she should have been).

Not only will this sort of restricted ROM translate into other musculoskeletal problems as the body goes into “Compensation Mode”, it will cause ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS as well, which means that it could cause a wide variety of problems.  The final kick in the teeth is that loss of Range of Motion —- whether you realize it or not —- is arguably the #1 cause of DEGENERATIVE ARTHRITIS here in America.  Abnormal joint motion causes DJD, and DJD causes abnormal ROM.  Do you see a vicious cycle starting to form?

If you are struggling with Chronic Pain, come see us and find out whether or not your problem is related to loss of ROM related to SUBLUXATION or SCAR TISSUE / FASCIAL ADHESIONBefore you move on to the rest of your day, I want to leave you with the very first PATIENT TESTIMONIAL VIDEO we shot, a bit over a year and a half ago.  See what breaking up Microscopic Scar Tissue can do for a person’s ability to live a normal life.  BTW, this video was shot immediately after (5 minutes) after Cassie’s very first treatment (she had struggled for years with Chronic Pain and treated all over California after an ugly cheerleading accident).


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