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anti-inflammatory pain meds increase cancer by nearly 300%



A group of scientists led by Dr. Eunyoung Cho of Harvard Medical School, recently looked at the relationship between NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs such as IBUPROFEN, Aleve, Naproxen, Advil, Motrin, Nuprin, and dozens of others) and Kidney Cancer — one of the top-ten leading forms of cancer in the US.  Their results, gathered from data collected from other studies started in 1990 and 1986, were published in the medical journal JAMA Archives of Internal Medicine.  Over 130,000 people were involved in this study.  (For those of you saying that this doesn’t pertain to you because you take Tylenol, READ THIS)

INFLAMMATION is a huge problem in America.  CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, ARTHRITIS, LOW BACK PAIN, as well as a host of others are all classified as ‘Inflammatory’ problems.  It has been thought that anti-inflammatory medications might actually protect people against cancer.  Not surprisingly, this is not the case —- particularly over the long haul.  The authors concluded that, In these large prospective studies of women and men, we found that use of nonaspirin NSAIDs was associated with an elevated risk of RCC (Kidney Cancer), especially among those who took them for a long duration.”  The question is, how much did these drugs elevate the cancer risk?  For those who took them for a decade or longer, their chances of developing RCC went up nearly 300%. Gulp!

This begs the question that I am constantly asked in the office —- “If anti-inflammatory medications are so bad for me, what natural product can I replace them with?”  Truthfully, this is the wrong question to ask.  What people are really asking when they ask this question is what nutritional supplement they can take that relieves their pain but allows them to continue living the same self-destructive lifestyle without the consequences.  Sorry; it really does not work that way.   But here is a short list of things you can do to ward off Inflammation and the pain, dysfunction, disability, and disease associated with it.

  • UNDERSTAND INFLAMMATION:   Although most people think they know what Inflammation is, they haven’t got a clue. HERE is the place to learn about Systemic Inflammation.


  • EAT A DIET BASED ON WHOLE FOODS:  This one is fairly simple.  Eat WHOLE FOODS and avoid processed foods.  And as far as antiinflammatory herbs are concerned, THESE BAD BOYS are the cream of the crop.



  • DRINK MORE WATER:  Although this is seemingly a no-brainer, most people do not drink nearly enough water, while drinking way too much SODA and other beverages. Make sure that you drink THE RIGHT KIND of water as well.


  • KNOW YOUR FATS:  You must learn to eat good fats, while avoiding TRANS FATS.  I would strongly suggest supplementing with PFGO as well.  A simple rule of thumb I use is to cook with coconut oil or organically-rendered lard, and use EVOO for salad dressings and the like.


  • MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT / AVOID THE PITFALLS OF A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE:  HERE is a quick link for going about this the right way.


  • AVOID DRUGS AND XENOHORMONES:  Drugs kill whether pushed or prescribed (HERE).  It’s no coincidence that the people I see who take the most drugs are the sickest people I see —- who take the most drugs.  Many would argue that sick people need lots of medications because they’re sick. I would argue that for the most part, people need to follow some good advice (like what you just read) and avoid as many medications as possible.  A good majority of the time, they’re a big part of what is making people sick.  DANGEROUS DRUGS.  And if you are not yet aware of what XENOHORMONES are all about, just click on the link.


  • OTHERS:  This list is by no means exhaustive.  If you are really struggling with hardcore pain, THIS POST should provide you with some solutions.

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