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Pain Relief Missouri

  It was nearly ten years ago that I first saw Anthony, who had come to me after he could no longer put up with the pain in the right side of his mid and upper back.  To give you an idea of how bad things had gotten for this young man; on our clinic’s Pain / Disability / Loss of Enjoyment of Life Questionnaire, driving and recreation were both rated a 7, working was rated an 8, and sleeping was a 9.  He had come to the end of his rope and was looking for the kind of relief not found in a bottle of pills.  Fortunately, he had come to the right place.

Probably due to the physical demands of LOGGING, Anthony had developed FASCIAL ADHESIONS that had literally “TETHERED” the musculature on the right side of his spine from the top part of his THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA clear into his NECK.  I quickly figured out what was going on, broke the adhesions, adjusted him, and did not see him again for three years.  In fact, this has been his pattern. 

I’ve seen him once every three years since that time, with the latest coming sometime last week.  Although I had forgotten how severe this problem was for Anthony when I first saw him, he reminded me.  When I asked if he would be interested in sharing his story via a video, he agreed.  And while it’s short and to the point, it’s quite clear not only how severe he was, but how much the care in our office changed his life. https://www.youtube.com/embed/9Sw-CsnsSGM?wmode=opaque Thanks Anthony.  I appreciate your work ethic and will continue to do whatever I can to keep you up, running, and taking care of your family!  For those of you who might be struggling with similar, be sure and take a look at our OTHER PATIENT TESTIMONIALS.  For those of you caught in the web of chronic conditions (chronic pain and chronic diseases), don’t forget to browse the post that could very well put you on the path to improvement (HERE).  And if you’ve been enjoying the mountains of totally free information on our site — information geared toward a self-help approach to resolution —- be sure to like, share or follow on FACEBOOK since it’s still as good a way as any to reach the people you love and value most!


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