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richard burris of leaders fuel teaches you how to recreate your life



Have you ever played baseball?  If so, you know how difficult it can be for even good hitters to hit a curve ball.  If you can master this skill to the point you can get a hit in one-in-three plate appearances, you’ll be a superstar making tens of millions of dollars a year.  Life is like baseball in that as soon as you think you’ve got it figured out, it starts throwing you curves.  If you can simply learn to hit whatever life throws at you, you can be incredibly successful in every area, creating a balance that brings contentment in the present and optimism for the future, no matter what you might be dealing with right now.  Part of the secret?  Finding the right trainer / mentor / coach.  My good friend Richard J. Burris is just that person.  

Richard (Rick) has been the Executive Director of three large YMCA camps (CAMP WOOD, CAMP CLASSEN, and CAMP GREENVILLE).  He’s rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, but would rather mentor a lonely and unloved child whose self esteem has been crushed by life.  He was the state of Kansas’ WRESTLER OF THE YEAR in 1986, going on to wrestle for what’s now known as MSU; 100 miles down the road from us in Springfield, MO (back then it was SMS).  He’s got a great marriage and a family that I’ve considered myself a part of as long as I’ve known him.  He’s lived the highs and lows of life, nearly dying last year before finding a cure for a chronic health issue he’s dealt with for thirty plus years.

At the end of yesterday’s post, I told you that it was possible to turn your life around. I also told you that I would soon be running a guest post by someone who could show you exactly how to do it.   That would be Rick of Leaders Fuel (HERE).  Despite the fact that it exposes them to constant danger, great leaders (military or otherwise) have always led from the front, willing to take the criticism associated with making hard decisions.  These are the people who leave behind GREAT LEGACIES.  They are also some of the attributes that describe Rick, whose business mantra is that great leaders help “fuel” those they are leading.  In this context, ‘fuel’ is a verb.  It’s active leadership — not just telling, but showing people how to take control their life, while helping them realize they don’t have to stay in THE SAME OLD RUT they’ve been living in, whatever aspect of their life it is they’re struggling with; health, marriage, family relations, finances, spiritual life, business, etc, etc. 

Here’s Rick, and if you like what you’re hearing, share it with someone you love or care about.  They’ll be glad you did!


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