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researchers grade the fda & the discipline of of delayed gratification


FDA Fraud

One of the numerous (free) health-related information services I subscribe to is Gary Schwitzer’s weekly Health News Review.  Besides being in health journalism for decades, Schwitzer has held several professorships at major universities.  He and his team of fifty employees use numerous evidence-based criteria to rate health-related articles and research.  I tell you all this because they recently gave the FDA a “report card”.

In an article called Early Report Card on Quality of FDA News Releases: C at Best, Schwitzer’s team said (cherry-picked due to time and space restraints),

None of the FDA’s news releases have satisfactorily met both of our two criteria that deal directly with medical evidence. One would expect that the FDA–which reviews reams of research before a product is approved–easily has that information on hand and could include it in news releases.  Instead, the news releases we’ve reviewed include mostly vague statements that may come across as endorsing new products without providing the context that readers need to make decisions.  The only nod to the evidence was this scanty detail: Approvals for the new indications were based on clinical studies, including safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetic data.” 

Why can’t the federal government do a better job than this?  Anyone following our current election knows its all about the money because like it or not, they’ve had a front-row seat to the filthy corruption that best characterizes Washington.  Are PRESS RELEASES from the FDA any better?

I have shown you repeatedly (HERE) that this organization is corrupt and for the most part, cannot be trusted as far as you could throw them.  They tend to work hand in hand with industry, helping in any way possible to get new drugs and medical devices approved.  Although I have shown you examples of this over and over again, brand new studies have revealed (not surprisingly) that the FDA has been rubber-stamping fraudulent soda research for decades (HERE & HERE). 

Instead of the FDA being a watchdog organization that protects our nation’s health, they’ve become a willing (AND WELL-PAID) industry shill.  It’s exactly why you must be extremely cautious trusting anything touting itself as “EVIDENCE-BASED“.

In another recent study, nutritionists, social scientists, and economists from universities around the country published a study in the brand new (December) issue of Preventative Medicine called Economic Preferences and Fast Food Consumption in US Adults: Insights From Behavioral Economics. In this study, nearly 6,000 adults were interviewed concerning how much FAST FOOD they ate as related to their tolerance for financial delayed gratification. 

Researchers asked participants if they would rather have a certain sum of money in 30 days or a significantly greater amount in 60 days.  Interestingly, the individuals who wanted their money “now” had almost double the penchant for fast food.  “Notably, participants with the highest future time preference were significantly less likely to consume fast food than those with very low future time preferences.  This shouldn’t be surprising when you consider how different America used to be as far as both of these things were concerned. 

John Walton-like patriarchs used to be the norm (HERE and HERE).  Families attended church together and actually sat down around the table to eat their meals. And even though they might not have had a lot of money, most gave generously to their church and had a savings account.  People were savers, not simply consumers.  Parents passed on their work ethic to their children, expecting real effort, good grades, and part time jobs (full time jobs in the summers).  Folks knew how to fix and build things themselves. 

People believed in the future and had a plan to make things better for the next generation.  Rugged Individualism ruled the day as people relied on themselves and God / their local community / church instead of RELYING ON THE GOVERNMENT for everything.  Unfortunately, the things that helped make America a truly great nation are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.    But in every cloud there’s a silver lining.

For those of you who are willing to put forth the effort, your life can be turned around (coming soon I have a fantastic guest post from a life-coach who will show you how it’s done).  For the most part it’s up to you.  And as far as your health is concerned, I truly believe that there are answers out there for just about everyone.  It’s just a matter of finding them.  Do I claim to have all the answers?  Of course not.  What I do have for you is a generic DIY protocol that works great both for weight loss and chronic inflammatory, degenerative, and autoimmune illnesses (HERE).


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