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scar tissue removal or scar tissue remodeling


Scar Tissue Removal

If you have spent any time whatsoever on my website, you will realize that I am extensively involved with scar tissue (FASCIAL ADHESIONS, TENDINOSIS, TORN MUSCLES, and INJURED LIGAMENTS).  I believe that Scar Tissue is very frequently the “missing link” for people who cannot seem to hold an adjustment even though CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS are about the only thing that seem to help them.   You can begin to get an idea of the effectiveness of dealing with Scar Tissue by taking a couple of minutes to look at our PATIENT TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS.

Interestingly enough, I have had several patients who were frustrated because they Googled “Scar Tissue Removal” and could not find us.  This is because I am not in the business of Scar Tissue Removal, I am in the business of Scar Tissue Remodeling.  The difference is as significant as the difference between the above pictures. 

  • SCAR TISSUE REMOVAL:  With Scar Tissue Removal, a doctor (M.D. / D.O.) is going to use a knife or Class IV Laser to “remove” (cut out / burn away) Scar Tissue.  Most of the time, this sort of Scar Tissue does show up on CT or MRI.  You will frequently see it referred to as “adhesions”, and is very often post-surgical.  The problem with cutting away scar tissue in an attempt to “remove” it, is that it grows back.  And guess what it is replaced with?  That’s right — more of the same.  More Scar Tissue!  This is why Scar Tissue Removal is a tricky proposition that so often fails over the long term.

  • SCAR TISSUE REMODELING:  As opposed to Scar Tissue Removal, Scar Tissue Remodeling is not about actually attempting to get rid of the Scar Tissue.  Instead, the scarred area is broken down by me so that it can be remodeled by you.  In other words, the scar itself is not “removed” but is instead “remodeled” so that it becomes more functional.  If you want to really understand this process, you need to visit our FASCIAL ADHESION PAGE

Scar Tissue is weaker, less elastic, and up to 1,000 times more pain sensitive than normal tissue.  It is a prime culprit in numerous CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROMES as well as DEGENERATIVE ARTHRITIS.  Oh, and unlike the gross adhesions seen in Scar Tissue Removal, much of the Scar Tissue Remodeling I do is performed on people who have had one or more MRI’s, and not learned a thing from them.  In other words, the kind of Scar Tissue that I deal with on a day-to-day basis does not show up on CT or MRI.

If it is Scar Tissue Removal you are after, you need to find a really good surgeon who is up on the very latest technology and techniques (for instance, with Endometriosis, wrapping adhesed areas in disolvable “Proteolytic Enzyme Wraps” is showing some promise).  If it is Scar Tissue Remodeling you want, call Cheryl at 417-934-6337 to schedule a consultation today. 


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