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should i be worried about whooping cough?


Whooping Cough

Herd immunity is important.  If most of the population is not immunized, any given individual will have a much greater chance of being exposed to pertussis and therefore of coming down with the disease   Robert Finberg, MD, University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester as recently told to MedPage Today.
As a person who practices in the field of natural health, I am used to butting up against the system.  When you start to look at what is going on in the practice of medicine (EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE for instance), you quickly realize that just because your doctor, or a TV commercial, or someone’s financially-conflicted scientific study said it was true, doesn’t necessarily make it so.  And contrary to Dr. Finberg’s  quote from above, I’m not sure I want to treat my children like part of “the herd“.

I don’t really know what vaccinations my ETHIOPIAN-BORN daughters have had, but my NATURAL CHILDREN have never had any shots.  One of the biggest things that led us to this decision was reading renowned pediatrician Robert Mendelsohn’s, HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY CHILD IN SPITE OF YOUR DOCTOR. Then shortly after starting my practice in Mountain View, I attended a conference where I actually had the opportunity to meet and briefly speak to BARBARA LOE FISHER.  Not long after that, I began treating a family with a daughter who was severely damaged by a vaccine (DPT) reaction.  Throughout my years of practice, I have seen a steady stream of parents and grandparents who all have similar stories.  “My child / grandchild was normal until just after they had their shots.”  Oh; for the record, both my blonde children have had Whooping Cough.

In this day and age of the internet, I am not going to belabor the fact that I think there are serious problems with the vaccination policies mandated by our government.  Make sure that you do due diligence before deciding to have your children vaccinated.  In other words, do your own research. HERE is a good place to start.  For the record, when doing Google Searches on vaccine-related issues, here is an extremely brief overview of what I found when I plugged in search topics.

  • VACCINATION NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS:  There were 6,270,000 hits.

  • VACCINATION AUTISM:  Over three million hits.  I have written extensively on this topic (HERE).

  • VACCINATION AUTOIMMUNE GLUTEN:  Over two million hits. More info on AUTOIMMUNITY.  More information on GLUTEN.

  • FLU SHOT NEUROLOGICAL SIDE EFFECTS:  This one had 115,000 hits on Google.  More on FLU SHOTS.

  • FLU SHOTS ALZHEIMER’S:  Just shy of 400,000 hits (HERE).

  • VACCINE MERCURY ALUMINUM:  Google hit this one over 800,000 times.  HERE is a great piece on this.

Just remember folks, you have exactly one chance to get this one correct. Can you trust our government?  Can you trust Big Pharma?  If you answered yes to either question, I have this bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to unload —- cheap!   Whichever way you decide to roll on this issue, due diligence is certainly worth your family’s health.


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