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tissue remodeling: pain management testimonial



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Maybe there is something to the tissue release idea after all.  Dr. James DeBoard from a recent email
Two days ago I received a carbon copy of an email that was sent to a Pain Management Physician from a friend of mine, Dr. James DeBoard.  James is a great guy.   My wife actually went to church with he and his family in St. Louis prior to our being married.   Dr. DeBoard also happens to be one of the leaders in the field of Pediatric Anesthesiology. 

Although James is a mild mannered “Clark Kent” type by day, by night (and on weekends) he turns into a maniacal mountain biker / road racer.  When I saw him in my office a couple of months ago for some chronic issues he had been dealing with for a number of years, I began to realize just how battered he really was as the result of years of hardcore off-road bicycling.   I had all but forgotten about his visit to see me until yesterday’s email. Thanks for allowing me permission to post this email James.  By the way, any time you want to come try out our zipline, just say the word! 


Are you familiar with “Scar Tissue Remodeling Therapy”?     Russ Schierling is a friend who has a chiropractic practice in my home town.  As you see from his “ABOUT US / CONTACT PAGE“, he utilizes acupuncture for himself and his patients, but finds that both traditional chiropractic and acupuncture sometime fail. 

Five days before my Hotter n’ Hell 100 mile bike ride in August in Wichita Falls, TX, I went to see Russ as a patient for the first time because my upper back and neck were painful and tight.  I expected to receive some massage / manipulation and feel better for a few days. Instead he worked on old injuries in my neck, upper back, shoulders and rib cage.  My body appeared to have been mauled; the bruising and soreness slowly receded over a period of 10 days.  My skin looked far worse than the pictures demonstrate (HERE).

The bike ride was uneventful.  Flexibility was satisfactory.  Only in this last week did I reflect upon the fact that my freedom of motion and pain relief has extended to the present time. Maybe there is something to the tissue release idea after all.  The process is not painful but it is not comfortable either.   Since you seek to provide pain relief to patients by all practical methods, it seems reasonable to share this story with you.

James DeBoard, MD
Anesthesiology Department
Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital

Saint Louis, MO


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