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solving chronic neck pain: phase ii


Your doctor may prescribe stronger pain medicine than what you can get over-the-counter. Muscle relaxants or tricyclic antidepressant medications used for pain also may be prescribed.   Mayo Clinic’s website
Neck Pain Relief

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The Mayo Clinic is unarguably one of America’s medical icons — the place to go to get the last word on medical subjects or difficult-to-treat cases.  When I Googled “Neck Pain“, the Mayo Clinic was the first site to pop up.  What do you think of their advice above concerning Chronic Neck Pain?  If their drug recommendations really worked, you would probably be doing something besides reading a post on solving CHRONIC NECK PAIN without drugs. 

Face it; PRESCRIPTION PAIN MEDS are addictive to the point of being one of America’s most-abused drugs.  MUSCLE RELAXERS have their own unique set of problems and side-effects.  And ANTI-DEPRESSANTS?   This is a class of drugs that even most doctors admit is over-prescribed —- way over-prescribed.  In case you had not been following the latest research, the newest information coming out about the sexual side-effects of Anti-Depressants is downright freaky (HERE).  So what’s a person struggling with constant neck pain to do?

You have to tackle your neck pain in a stepwise fashion.  Yesterday, I covered SOLVING CHRONIC NECK PAIN; PHASE I.  Today I am going to cover the things that should be done once the FASCIAL ADHESIONS have been dealt with and the neck’s Range of Motion has been restored to normal or close to normal.  The astute will notice that certain elements of Phase II can be incorporated in to a self-help program for dealing with neck pain. 

  • CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS:  No; I am not suggesting the dozens upon dozens of adjustments recommended as the solution by so many Chiropractors (HERE).  However, during Phase II, periodic ADJUSTMENTS are beneficial as far as maintaining the NORMAL RANGE OF MOTION you achieved in Phase I.  If you recall, loss of normal Range of Motion in the neck is one of the earliest steps in CHRONIC PAIN, as well as being a known cause of SPINAL DEGENERATION.


  • COLD LASER:  While I certainly do not use this cutting-edge modality on everyone, I am going to throw it in here.  Take a moment to learn how the COLD LASER works, and you’ll see why I am impressed with it and it’s ability to potentially provide a huge boost to the healing process.  In other words, this is not simply a non-pharmaceutical form of temporary relief.  It actually helps people get better.  And as technology moves forward and gets cheaper (something it is doing each and every day), you should be able to get a decent Class III Laser for home use somewhere.


  • DEAL WITH INFLAMMATION:  If there is one drum people may get tired of me beating, it’s the INFLAMMATION DRUMIf you want long term solutions as opposed to the short term relief found with standbys like CORTICOSTEROIDS and NSAIDS, you’ll have to do something different than what you’ve been doing. 


  • VARIOUS FORMS OF TRACTION:  Depending on how much “DJD” you have, you might need to use an over-the-door traction unit.  However, if restoration of the NECK’S PROPER CURVE is the goal (AND IT SHOULD BE), then a different form of traction (LIKE A DAKOTA DEVICE) probably needs to be used.  Although this can be done at home, it really needs to be done under a physician’s supervision. 


  • STRENGTHEN YOUR NECK:  This is in addition to the STRETCHES you have already been doing (again; do not put the cart in front of the horse).  The biggest reason that women are 15 times more likely to be injured by WHIPLASH is that they have so much less muscle mass than their male counterparts.  Adding strength while maintaining flexibility is a win-win situation for helping solve long-term cases of Chronic Neck Pain.  Again, this is last on the list, not first as you’ll find in many protocols.

If you have questions about whether or not I could help you resolve your Chronic Neck Pain, simply CONTACT ME with a detailed history of your situation.  If I can help provide you solutions, I will.


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