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still another study blames alzheimer’s on a latent infection: this time from a bacteria instead of a virus


Brain Germs Alzheimer's

  It wasn’t that long ago I was showing you that a germ — a virus from the herpes family — had been implicated in the etiology of Alzheimer’s Disease.  We recently saw the results of this study repeated, albeit with a different germ — the same creature that causes GINGIVITIS.  Twenty-six authors from institutions around the world teamed up to publish a study just a few days ago in Science Advances (Porphyromonas Gingivalis in Alzheimer’s Disease Brains: Evidence for Disease Causation and Treatment with Small-Molecule Inhibitors), suggesting that the bacteria most-known for causing gum disease (Porphyromonas Gingivalis) may also be a causal factor in developing the brain plaques (tau) universally seen in ALZHEIMER’S.

“Porphyromonas gingivalis, the keystone pathogen in chronic periodontitis, was identified in the brain of Alzheimer’s disease patients. Toxic proteases from the bacterium called gingipains were also identified in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients, and levels correlated with tau and ubiquitin pathology. Oral P. gingivalis infection in mice resulted in brain colonization and increased production of Aβ, a component of amyloid plaques.”

While discovering pathogens in the brain and linking them to a serious disease process is certainly an exciting scientific discovery, the central point of this article was that the team had identified a compound (a “small-molecule inhibitor“) that may block gingipains from entering the brain.  Nice.  Really, it is.  Just realize that this paper was essentially a PRESS RELEASE masquerading as a scientific study, promoting a still-in-the-works “NEW DRUG”  — something that’s become routine in our brave new world of EBM.  Truth is, you are going to see more and more studies just like this one as the population becomes increasingly unhealthy (HERE’S THE SIMILAR RESEARCH PERTAINING TO BRAIN-BASED HERPES VIRUS CAUSING ALZHEIMER’S). 

You see, as people become INFLAMED (almost ubiquitous in our society), a common consequence is that the immune system, of which 80% RESIDES IN THE GUT, goes haywire, becoming either suppressed or provoked; sometimes both at the same time (HERE), much of which can be attributed to a phenomenon called LEAKY GUT SYNDROME (the medical community typically refers to this as ‘increased intestinal permeability’ or similar). 

What people often fail to realize, however, is that this very same inflammation can lead to leakiness of any of the body’s protective epithelial barriers — including the blood brain barrier (BBB).  When the BBB is disrupted, people end up with a phenomenon that the scientific community has coined, LEAKY  BRAIN SYNDROME (along with leaky cord syndrome, leaky nerve syndrome, etc, etc).  Couple this with the two-sides-of-the-same-coin facts below and you should start to see the writing on the wall.

  • ALZHEIMER’S IS OFTEN REFERRED TO IN THE SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE AS TYPE III DIABETES:  Sounds crazy to some, but it’s not really a new idea.  Believe it or not, Alzheimer’s Disease has been widely known as Type III Diabetes for more than a decade (HERE or HERE).
  • SUGAR FEEDS INFECTION: Once you realize that SUGAR ALSO FEEDS INFECTION, whether said infection is bacterial or viral (IT ALSO HAPPENS TO FEED CANCER), it’s not a reach to see why, with 100 million citizens (and who-knows-how-many non-citizens) living with either diabetes or prediabetes (HERE), the already epic potential for HIDDEN OR “OCCULT” INFECTIONS is increasing daily.

Best guess is that as Westernized society becomes progressively inflamed (HERE IS A SELF-TEST to see if you may be inflamed), we will continue to find various and sundry species of bugs in the brain — bugs capable of causing a wide variety of neuro-degenerative symptoms, Alzheimer’s being just one of many (HERE is another).  People, however, are always looking for an easier way than managing their health and inflammation levels than through diet and lifestyle.  For proof, look no further than the unbridled hype promoted by this title from last Wednesday’s issue of New Scientist (We May Finally Know what Causes Alzheimer’s – and How to Stop it). 

“Cortexyme reported in October that the best of their gingipain blockers had passed initial safety tests in people, and entered the brain. It also seemed to improve participants with Alzheimer’s. Later this year the firm will launch a larger trial of the drug, looking for P. gingivalis in spinal fluid, and cognitive improvements, before and after.  They also plan to test it against gum disease itself. Efforts to fight that have led a team in Melbourne to develop a vaccine for P. gingivalis that started tests in 2018. A vaccine for gum disease would be welcome – but if it also stops Alzheimer’s the impact could be enormous.”

Not very reassuring (“it seemed to improve participants“); especially in light of the article’s headline.  Like I said; the whole thing was a brilliantly calculated press release for the upcoming release of their patented gingipain inhibitors. But really; knowing what we know about the relationship between oral health and overall health (HERE and HERE are two examples of thousands), can we be astonished at these sorts of findings?  It would not surprise me to see that in the near future, similar discoveries become almost passe.  What might I suggest for those not wanting a GINGIVITIS VACCINE or something similar? 

Rather than waiting until you are diagnosed with a nasty disease (periodontal disease included), start taking the steps required to reduce systemic inflammation in your life (WHICH ALSO HAPPENS TO BE GOOD FOR ORAL HEALTH).  HERE is one way to start the process.  And if you thought today’s post was valuable or helpful in any meaningful manner, be sure to reach the people who need to be reached most (you know; the people you love and value most) by liking, sharing, or following on FACEBOOK.


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