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this year’s flu shot didn’t work? experts now saying you only have yourself to blame


Flu Vaccine Failure

  The medical daily, STAT, recently published an article titled Flu Science Points to Another Culprit When Vaccines Fail — Us, which placed blame for the flu vaccine’s history of poor efficacy squarely on the shoulders of the American public. “If you’ve ever gotten a flu shot — and then, later that season, gotten the flu — you were more than likely, and rightly, miffed…. Increasingly, influenza researchers are offering another explanation: The problem, at least partly, could be you.”  I love it.  The flu vaccine is so pathetically ineffective — a fact admitted (readily or not) by anyone familiar with the research, whether for or against our government’s forced-vaccination policies — that they’ve taken to blaming it on you, the patient.  The reason why is telling. 

According to the scientific community’s new flu-vaccine-excuse-bandwagon, it’s not because we’ve become a nation of SUGAR ADDICTS (everyone knows that SUGAR FEEDS INFECTIONS), nor is it because nearly 80% of our adult population is overweight or appears as such when looking at their blood work (ANOTHER OF THE MANY FACTORS THAT DEGRADE FLU VACCINE EFFICACY).  Neither do they tout any of the NUMEROUS REASONS we’ve heard previously — from an MD.

Instead, it’s because, ahem, “we’re all carrying a unique set of flu baggage — known as our imprint — that shapes how our immune systems respond to vaccines and infections.”  In other words, of the THOUSANDS OF COMBINATIONS & VARIATIONS OF FLU VIRUSES OUT THERE, your body seems to make a stronger / longer-lasting immune response against the very first one you were exposed to than it will to subsequent exposures or variations.  Pay attention to these CHERRY-PICKED tidbits.

“A growing body of evidence suggests our immune systems aren’t following the instructions that the flu vaccine tries to give them.  Experts know it [the flu vaccine] isn’t perfect.  ‘We’ve all been trained on different influenza viruses,’ explained Scott Hensley, an associate professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania who studies the factors that influence response to flu vaccine. ‘If you vaccinate 100 people, guess what? They’re all going to respond differently. We think a large part of that is that we all have a different immunological imprint.”

Hold the phone Sally!  I thought that the whole reason that VACCINES were so safe (FLU VACCINE included) has to do with the “fact” that everyone responds essentially the same — a contradiction I dealt with in a post I wrote JUST LAST WEEK.  Interestingly, immunological imprinting is the phenomenon believed to weaken immune response to flu vaccine in senior citizens — the reason that flu shots have been repeatedly shown to be all but totally worthless in the geriatric population (HERE).

Think about it this way.  Say you got a case of H1N1 flu back in the LATE 70’s OR EARLY 80’s.  According to these experts, not only will the 2019 version of your immune system not mount an efficient attack against flu vaccines containing other flu viruses (H1N2, H7N9, H3N2, H5N1, etc, etc, etc), but thanks to GENETIC DRIFT, it won’t even mount an effective response to H1N1-containing vaccines because the modern version of the virus is so genetically different than the version that “imprinted” itself on your immune system ALL THOSE YEARS AGO

This is why one of the experts interviewed for this piece suggested that, “The phenomenon is probably playing a significant role in the under-performance of flu vaccine” which might just be the understatement of the year thus far.  Isn’t it interesting that about the only time you hear the scientific medical community talking about how pathetic the flu vaccine really is happens to be when they are making excuses for it!  And herein lies yet another dilemma.

When questioning whether a BABY’S FIRST FLU VACCINATION —- which may actually occur IN THE WOMB if mom received a shot while pregnant (and was suffering with an all-too-common case of THE LEAKIES) — might actually cause the same immune system imprinting phenomenon in little junior, the best they could muster was “That’s a really hot question,” going on to suggest it would take years of research and heaven-only-knows how many millions of your tax dollars to find out. 

In the meantime, the recommendations never change (GET YOUR SHOTS, EARLY AND OFTENHERE’S WHY DOCTORS ARE NOW RECOMMENDING MORE THAN ONE FLU SHOT A YEAR), no matter what kinds of sordid facts are dredged to the surface concerning this ridiculously over-hyped vaccine.  It’s also why what I like to refer to as “THE ANNUAL HEAD SCRATCHER” (the yearly game of vaccine roulette played by industry concerning what combination of flu viruses will be chosen for next year’s shot) doesn’t matter nearly as much as we’ve been led to believe — even though history has shown that pharma gets it right less than once a decade.

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