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sugar consumption not the only cause of high blood pressure


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A couple of days ago I posted an article on the relationship between High Blood Pressure and sugar consumption (HERE).  I’m here to tell you, however, that consuming sugar is not the only reason people end up with High Blood Pressure.  Over the nearly quarter century I have been in practice, I have seen numerous patients lower their blood pressure with Chiropractic Adjustments.  One of them, in fact, was so dramatic that it should have ended up in a medical journal as a case study.

About 15 years ago I had a patient who came to me for low back pain, who had never before been to a chiropractor.  When he came in for his second visit, he told me his blood pressure had dropped.  Not thinking much of this, I told him that I’ve seen many cases of this over the years.  He told me, however, that his blood pressure had been in the 240 over 180 range for well over a decade.  I checked it and sure enough, it was 120 over 80 (stupid me for not checking it on his initial visit).   After trying everything under the sun to lower his BP, his doctors told him to get his things in order because death was imminent.   The adjustment (I adjusted his entire spine) freed something up that took pressure off of the spinal nerves that to at least some degree controlled his blood pressure (HERE is how that works).  This is just on example of the MIRACLES that can potentially take place when SPINAL SUBLUXATIONS are dealt with — and I can in no way, shape or form take credit for them.

Recently, an American Chiropractic College published a study on this topic called Blood Pressure Changes in African American Patients Receiving Chiropractic Care in a Teaching Clinic: A Preliminary Study.  In this study a group of African American patients who had been determined to have moderately high blood pressure (between 120/80 and 159/99) were treated chiropractically to see if Chiropractic Adjustments could lower it.  Here are the study’s conclusions: “This study showed that research of this nature may be feasible in chiropractic teaching clinics. The preliminary findings of this study showed that, for a subgroup of African American patients receiving chiropractic care, blood pressure decreased for (a) hypertension stage 1 patients and (b) the sample when those with excessive body mass index were excluded.

Although this was not a knock-it-out-of-the-park sort of result, it provides some interesting talking points.  We learned, for instance, that if you are extremely overweight that Chiropractic Adjustments are probably not going to provide the solution for a blood pressure issue.  This study bore that out.  However, for people with near normal BMI’s, the results were statistically significant.  I look forward to some additional studies within the Chiropractic profession that are not the same old worn out “BACK PAIN” stuff.


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