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Look; FDA regulations being what they are, I would never myself use the word “cure” in one of my posts — especially when talking about back pain.  Instead, I’ll leave that to Dr. Jack Sterns MD / Ph.D.  Sterns, a New York neurosurgeon specializing in the spine.  Dr. Sterns is a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, as well as maintaining a private practice in the area.  He is also one of the co-founders of Spine Options, a medical facility committed to nonsurgical care of back and neck pain.  Sterns is the author of Ending Back Pain:: 5 Powerful Steps to Diagnose, Understand, and Treat Your Ailing Back (5-star rated on Amazon).

In a recent article written for Bottom Line Publications (Back Pain Cured!  No Drugs… No Surgery) Dr. Stern reveals that when it comes to back pain, “The fortunate result is that the vast majority of patients don’t need invasive procedures or powerful drugs.”   In a move that probably has DR. GORSKI frothing at the mouth, he goes on to give his input on, “a wide variety of conventional and complementary therapies,” using terms like, “conservative treatments, complimentary techniques, alternative medicine,” and, “integrative medicine,” as valuable options for dealing with back pain.   Although he gives several shining reviews of various treatments for back pain, his most favorable review is of Chiropractic.  Besides talking about some recent peer-reviewed scientific studies concerning the benefits of Chiropractic, listen to some cherry-picked sentences from his article.

“Many conventional doctors view chiropractic as an unproven treatment—or even fraudulent. But that’s not true.  Spinal manipulations and “adjustments” by chiropractors are meant to restore the spine’s structural integrity and stimulate the body’s natural ability to reduce pain. I’ve had a number of patients with herniated disks who reported significant improvement after getting chiropractic treatments.

People who see chiropractors tend to rate their care as very good or excellent. Most chiropractors spend a lot of time with patients. They take a detailed history, watch how patients move and give advice on using the back in healthier ways.  Chiropractors are the frontline treaters of low-back pain. They are knowledgeable, and a qualified chiropractor will know when your specific problem requires additional attention.”

Cool!  It’s always nice when the medical community notices / compliments what we as a profession have been doing for well over a century.  To see some of our nearly 200 VIDEO TESTIMONIALS, just follow the link.


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