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symptoms of bursitis



I see lots and lots of people who have been diagnosed with bursitis.  This pain due to ‘bursitis‘ might be in their knee.  It might be in their elbow, or it might be in their ankle.  It might be in their shoulder, or any number of other bodily areas including the hip, wrist, etc, etc.  The problem is, I believe that most of what is being diagnosed as bursitis is not really bursitis. This begs the question; if the pain is not being caused by bursitis, then what could be causing it?

The pain that so many doctors attribute to bursitis usually comes from either TENDINOSIS or FASCIAL ADHESIONSThe bursa (plural is bursae) are tiny fluid-filled sacs that act as cushions to prevent tendons from rubbing on bones or other tissues.  When INFLAMMATION gets its claws into the bursae, they can swell, calcify (see picture) and become exquisitely painful.  The problem is, most patients who are diagnosed with bursitis have neither the calcification on imaging, nor the swelling seen in the picture below.

Truth be known, if you have this sort of swelling, it is highly unlikely that Tissue Remodeling is going to help you.  However, there are all sorts of other things that can be done to effectively deal with bursitis.  These include using ICE, COLD LASER THERAPY, as well as an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET (also HERE).  I would suggest, however, that if you have been diagnosed with bursitis, but have none of the visible signs of bursitis, you get checked for SCAR TISSUE.  For more information, visit our BURSITIS PAGE.

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