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systemic tendinosis -vs- local tendinosis



Not too long ago I wrote a BLOG POST on the difference between local health problems and systemic health problems.  For those of you dealing with TENDINOSIS, understanding the difference between the two is critical.  In fact, in many ways, Systemic Tendinosis and Local Tendinosis are two totally different problems that require two totally different approaches to treatment.  This blog post is in response to this email that I got just a couple of days ago.  Since I get a lot of similar emails, this post will allow me to simply send people a link in response to similar questions.
Dear Dr. Schierling,

My name is XXX XXXXXX and I’m from Nevada.  I found your website on tendinosis and want to know who in my area treats like you do?  I am struggling with severe tendinitis (tendinosis) in my shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles.  This problem is ruining my life.  Who could you recommend in my area that does Tissue Remodeling?

Please help me.  I am desperate.
Thank you

The problem is that this person is looking for a simple / mechanical / local solution (TISSUE REMODELING) to a complex systemic problem.  When a person has multiple-site Tendinosis (or MULTIPLE-SITE FASCIAL ADHESIONS for that matter) found on both sides of the body at several different locations, their problem is almost 100% certain to be systemic.  This means that there is undoubtedly an underlying problem that is affecting the whole body (as opposed to several local overuse or sprain / strain type of situations).  In my experience, these are usually caused by a drug reaction (ANTIBIOTICS and STATINS seem to be the biggest culprits) or an AUTOIMMUNE REACTION to one’s own Connective Tissues.  Typically, you’ll find that GLUTEN and LEAKY GUT SYNDROME are involved in the equation in some form or fashion.  The first thing that is critical to understand with Systemic Tendinosis is that Tissue Remodeling is not going to help.  In fact, it may make your problem worse.

Yeah; we help tons of people with local Tendinosis with a very minimal amount of treatment and expense (see HERE, or HERE).  But trying to break down tendinous adhesions that are the result of a systemic problem will simply result in more pain and dysfunction.  The key to solving Systemic Tendinosis is to figure out what is the underlying cause of the INFLAMMATION that is driving the problem.  I get it; Tendinosis is not an “Inflammatory” problem.  But if you have Systemic Inflammation coursing through your system, you are much more likely to have a wide variety of health problems, including bilateral, multiple-site Tendinosis. 

Some of the things that I recommend for dealing with Systemic Tendinosis (as well as most SYSTEMIC HEALTH PROBLEMS) are simple, common-sense sorts of interventions that will be the foundation for just about any customized treatment protocol.  Here is a short list.

  • Do a Gluten Free Elimination Diet:   The GLUTEN-FREE ELIMINATION DIET is a big deal because GLUTEN and GLUTEN CROSS REACTORS are a huge driver of Systemic, Inflammatory, and Autoimmune processes.  There is a reason that you are hearing about Gluten every time you turn on the TV or open a magazine.


  • Control your Blood Sugar and Eliminate Potentially Reactive Foods in the Process:  One of the biggest reasons that I promote a PALEO DIET for most of my patients has to do with the fact that the diet is extremely non-reactive.  The great side effect of this way of eating is that it will totally control your blood sugar levels in the process.  UNCONTROLLED BLOOD SUGAR — even in individuals who have ‘normal‘ blood sugar readings (HERE) —- is a leading cause of sickness and disease here in America.


  • Drink Water and only Water:  This goes without saying.  I don’t mind someone having some green tea, but if you are drinking SODA or other SUGARED drinks and trying to overcome Systemic Tendinosis, you are probably fighting a losing battle.  And on top of this, the average American is dehydrated to at least some degree.


  • Fix your Gut:  GUT HEALTH is a critical part of healing any chronic problem.  There is an old axiom in natural medicine that says, “Heal the Gut; Heal the Body“.  On many different levels and for many different problems, this statement is 100% accurate.


  • Cold Laser Therapy:  I have a lot of different modalities (ultrasound, Russian stim, electrical stimulators, TENS, etc, etc) that sit in the basement of my office gathering dust.  The one and only modality I regularly use these days (for the past several years) is COLD LASER THERAPY.


  • Take the Proper Supplements:  Although there are several supplements that could go here, I will mention a couple; LIGAPLEX.  Ligaplex by Standard Process has been around for a very long time, and actually provides people with the raw materials to heal and regenerate injured Connective Tissues.  Despite tendinosis itself not being considered to be “Inflammatory, the body is often in an inflammatory state.  Take PFGO.  Bear in mind that in the case of Autoimmune-driven Tendinosis, there might be several nutritional supplements to take.

There are certainly other things that could be put on the list, but this will provide people with a starting point.  If you have questions or concerns, be sure to read THIS POST.


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