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testimonial:  86 year old with piriformis syndrome


Butt Pain Piriformis

Yeah; I know — I can’t use the word cure when talking about patients (the only thing that’s ‘cured‘ is ham).  It’s not my word though; it’s Bill’s.  After finding us online, Bill made the five hour trip from Broken Arrow, OK to bee seen for chronic butt / hip / leg pain (PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME) that was altering his life in a big way. 

Yesterday, we received a letter in the mail from Bill with his hand-written testimonial.  I had a blast visiting with this classy gentleman during the couple of hours I spent with him.  By the way, as seems to be the norm for our long-distance patients (not to mention many of our local patients — HERE is a great example), Bill had been riding the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND prior to his visit here.  I saw him one time on July 29th of this year. 

Dr. Schierling,

Thank you for helping me get well.  After your treatment I stretched my leg as best I could for about three weeks, with constant improvement.  By the end of four weeks, I was able to lay aside the walker and the cane and walk normally.  All the pain is gone and has not returned.  I’m cured.  I thank you for helping me, but all I did was follow your instructions.  You get 100% credit.  Thanks again.

Bill Willett
Broken Arrow, OK

Thanks Bill, but God gets all the credit.  As much as I enjoyed our time together, I sincerely hope I do not see you again.  Keep doing what you are doing, and the sky is the limit.

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