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the government wants you drowning in a sea of carbohydrates


Writing for the political newspaper, The Hill, Sarah Hallberg recently penned a piece titled Government Dietary Guidelines are Plain Wrong: Avoid Carbs, Not Fat, in which she stated (cherry-picked)……..

“Every five years, the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services publish the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” which detail which foods Americans should eat or avoid. The highly influential document directs food labeling, school menus, public food programs, and government research grants.  Researchers claim the guidelines are based on ‘the preponderance of current scientific and medical knowledge.’

Yet, since they were first introduced back in 1980, they’ve barely changed, even though a recent revolution in nutritional science has cast doubt on old assumptions.  Last year, at the request of Congress, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine conducted a detailed analysis of the guidelines’ methodology and found it failed to meet basic standards of scientific rigor.”

Hallberg, a highly rated internist, professor, and WEIGHT LOSS specialist in Indiana University’s medical system (she is a proponent of VARIOUS LOW CARB APPROACHES), talked about the current government recommendations, showing, AS I HAVE PREVIOUSLY SHOWN MYSELF, that they are not evidence-based in any way, shape, or form.  Dr. H went on to provide proof (emails obtained via various Sunshine Laws) that this was done purposefully

In other words, the SAME THEMES SO COMMONLY FOUND within the pharmaceutical research industry are alive and well in the food industry (which you already knew HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE).  As is often the case, the powers-that-be have been PICKING AND CHOOSING THE EVIDENCE, while suppressing those findings they (or more appropriately, their financiers) didn’t care for.

This is why, as I have asserted many times, the roots of the OBESITY EPIDEMIC can be laid squarely at the feet of the very agencies within our government designed to protect us, and is a great example of what happens when BIG GOVERNMENT sticks their noses into areas it was never meant or designed to.  It’s also why, despite the new evidence, things aren’t likely to change any time soon (HERE). 

Don’t forget to watch HALLBERG’S TED TALK on the subject titled Reversing Type II Diabetes Starts with Ignoring the Guidelines.  We already know how conflicted “GUIDELINES” are here in America, but how big is the “SUGAR / JUNK CARB PROBLEM” getting to be?    Allow me to show you by using new findings concerning one of my pet peeves.

Those who know me know that for at least ten years I have been frustrated by doctors, professors, celebrities, etc, using the terms ‘fruits & vegetables’ synonymously (HERE).  New evidence shows that my chirping is spot on.  A few months ago Newsweek carried a story by Brendan Cole with a title that should make you squirm as you contemplate the genetic tinkering taking place in our food supply; Zoo Weans Animals Off Fruit Because Its Increased Sugar Makes Them Fat and Rots Their Teeth.  In the same way that both GRAINS and DAIRY are not the same as they were back in your grandfather’s day, neither is fruit.

“Zookeepers have had to wean their animals off fruit — which is now so full of sugar that it has made them fat and rotted their teeth.”

My, how times have changed.  The changes became even more glaring as I was cleaning out some old file cabinets this weekend and and came across a paper that was published back in January of 1992. Scientific American carried the piece by UN researcher, Dr. Nevin Scrimshaw, titled Iron Deficiency, which stated about this problem (ANEMIA)…. 

“The world’s leading nutritional problem is iron deficiency. 66% of children and women in developing countries have it. Iron deficiency is identified with often irreversible impairment of a child’s learning ability. It is also associated with low capacity for adults to work which reduces productivity. In addition, it impairs the immune system which reduces the body’s ability to fight infection. Iron deficiency also lowers the metabolic rate and the body temperature when exposed to cold. Hemoglobin contains nearly 73% of the body’s iron.

This iron is always being recycled as more red blood cells are made. The rest of the needed iron does important tasks for the body, such as binds to molecules that are reservoirs of oxygen for muscle cells. This iron comes from our diet, especially meat. Even though some plants, such as spinach, are high in iron, the body can only absorb 1.4-7% of the iron in plants whereas it can absorb 20% of the iron in red meat. In many developing countries, the common vegetarian diets contribute to high rates of iron deficiency. Too much supplemental iron in a malnourished child promotes fatal infections since the excess iron is available for the pathogens use.”

Whoaaaaa Nellie.  An article in a major publication touting meat for health?  No way would SA do that paper today!  However, as I showed you just one short month ago, despite what we are currently being told by pseudo-governmental agencies (the UN and similar), there is no way to maintain or to build healthy soil naturally or rapidly without the astute use of livestock (HERE). 

So, thanks to current ‘evidence,’ meat is no longer good for us, but sugar is (HERE).  Interestingly, according to experts such as ART AYERS, people can achieve good health via eating either a vegan or carnivore diet, as long as the proper bacteria for digesting what one is eating are present in one’s gut (HERE). 

The New Year is just one week old.  It’s not too late to turn over that leaf and make 2019 the year you got healthy.  And just for you, HERE is a generic template to get you started.  It’s not going to be a perfect fit for everyone, but it will at least get you thinking; hopefully realizing that yes, you could do it if you put your mind to it.  Be sure to like, share, or follow on FACEBOOK if you like what you are seeing and want to reach someone you love and value with potentially life-changing information.


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