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the latest news proves just how desperate america’s flu vaccine situation has become


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“CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices members voted 12-2 to include the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) as “an option for influenza vaccination for persons for whom it is appropriate” in the 2018-2019 influenza season. The vaccine was also added back to the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program in a 14-0 vote.” From Molly Walker’s article for MedPage Today (ACIP Reinstates FluMist for 2018-2019 Flu Season)

I’m almost finished with a massive (and massively cool) post on FASCIA, but the ongoing absurdity by the powers-that-be concerning FLU VACCINES is nothing less than astounding, meaning today you get yet another post on flu. Two or three years ago scientists realized that the FLU MIST was not only barely above zero percent (0%) effective at preventing flu, they realized it had been that way since at least 2013 — this after telling citizens in 2012 that it was over 80% effective. 

So seeing Helen Branswell’s new article for STAT (Flu Mist is Back: Vote Opens Way to Wider Use of Popular Drug) was somewhat of a surprise.  What really interested me about her story, however, was that it wasn’t so much about how good or bad FluMist works (its V.E. or Vaccine Effectiveness), but about protecting the financial interests of BIG PHARMA

“The decision will be a relief for MedImmune, which makes FluMist, and for people in public health who see this vaccine as an important part of the response to both annual flu outbreaks and the rare but often more dangerous flu pandemics. There had been mounting concern the company, a division of AstraZeneca, would abandon the vaccine if it could not find a way back to the U.S. market.  AstraZeneca signaled it will ask CDC if its purchase through its Vaccines for Children Program can be increased to include FluMist for next winter.”

Isn’t that special!  This way your hard-earned tax dollars get to fund a flu vaccine that in a group of poorly-functioning vaccines, stands out above the rest for being truly terrible (HERE).  Even more ‘special’ is the fact that this approval was a “relief” (in other words, they got their cash cow back for people — especially children — who hate injections). I am always relieved when industry (big pharma) is relieved.

After discussing how tough it is to GUESS WHICH THREE OR FOUR FLU STRAINS of the thousands circulating should go into next year’s vaccine, Professor of Pediatrics at Hofstra, Henry Bernstein, was quoted as saying, “I’m a little concerned about whether it would be interpreted that we’re compromising our interpretation of the science…. Branswell showed that at least some of the others believed likewise.

A number of members of the committee expressed concern that restoring FluMist to the recommended vaccines list before there is evidence to prove the problem has been fixed could further undermine the battered reputation of flu vaccines, especially if it turns out that the change MedImmune made did not improve the vaccine’s performance.” 

Concerned?  Maybe.  But not enough to vote it down.

Although the SCARE TACTICS used to coerce people into receiving annual flu shots continue to work on some level; in similar fashion to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” people are beginning to see the bigger picture. The result is that the reputation of flu vaccines is taking the kind of beating that makes the word “battered” look to be the week’s biggest understatement.  In other words, the fear factor is shrinking. 

Throw into the mix that articles like Branswell’s, whether knowingly or unknowingly, expose this debate for what it really is — a debate about dollars.   It’s no wonder increasing numbers of people are becoming disenchanted, seeing the shot for the scam it really is.  By the way, this is largely what Cochrane, the most respected and elite of the mainstream medical organizations that meta-analyze medical data and research, believes as well (they published their new recommendations for flu vaccines earlier this month HERE). 

It’s also why growing numbers of people are realizing that EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE the way it’s currently being done cannot be trusted.  And while I did not have time, I promise that if you researched the people on this board who actually voted for FluMist flu vaccine to be reinstated, you would likely find financial COI that looks suspiciously similar to THE COI I showed you a month ago concerning TAMIFLU (for the record, Dr. Bernstien voted not to have FluMist restored to FDA approval).

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